Eminent Group: Transforming Enterprise Transportation System with Oracle's OTM Partner

Kathy Moore, CEO
Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) plays a vital role in the proper functioning of a supply chain by helping businesses increase visibility into their in-transit shipments as an increased number of businesses expand globally. Oracle, a major player in this domain, has developed Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Global Trade Management (GTM) solutions to manage operational needs across the enterprise supply chain. Eminent Group, an Oracle partner company, helps companies gain a stronger ROI and seamlessly implement this new technology and best practice processes with their transportation network solutions to mitigate existing industry challenges. “At Eminent, we leverage the Oracle Transportation Management model to resolve operational complexity in companies’ shipment systems, and processes,” says Kathy Moore, CEO, Eminent Group.

Very often company leaders face difficulty in deploying these time consuming and expensive transportation management solutions into their existing supply chain system. In addition, they are required to ensure accurate operation of the newly deployed TMS in real-time. However, Eminent Group is delivering OTM and GTM consulting services and technical support with best in class technology and modern practices in order to minimize cost, optimize service levels, support sustainability initiatives, and create flexible business process automation within across multiple industries and companies, irrespective of size. “Our solutions help clients to effectively manage compliance, carrier behaviors, data integrity and provide a single platform to capture and store transportation information and documents,” says Moore. Eminent Group’s Rapid OTM process and Cloud offerings accelerate the installation, deployment, implementation, and efficiency of the OTM solution for small and medium businesses. As a result, enterprises can effectively manage compliance, carrier behaviors, and data integrity with this solution that gives visibility for capturing and storing data and documents. “Eminent Group's customers have saved an average of ten percent on implementation costs and gone live in half the traditional timeframe with Rapid OTM,” delineates Moore. In fact their Radid OTM offering is so effective that Oracle has designated it as an Accelerate Solution for midsized companies.

Eminent Group’s expertise also lies in providing GTM services. Specifically, they “provide assessments, analysis, implementation and execution of global import and export processes to help our clients radically reduce the risk of unintentional or inadvertent non-compliance with the many rules and regulations they face,” says Moore.

At Eminent, we leverage Oracle Transportation Management model to resolve operational complexity in companies’ shipment system, and processes

Eminent Group’s services and consultants provide tailored solutions to challenges which ultimately mitigates trade regulatory risks, facilitates import and export activities, improves cycle-time, and reduces costs from customs duties, taxes and fees.

The time and expense required to implement OTM and GTM have historically presented a significant challenge to SMBs looking to improve and protect their businesses by leveraging these systems. Addressing their needs, Eminent Group helps small to medium business (SMB) clients with full implementation, module installation, maintenance, and off-site hosting alternatives so that they can leverage the benefits of their transportation and GTM decision in real time.

Since inception in 2002, Eminent Group has helped many Fortune 500 companies along with SMBs to successfully deploy Oracle OTM and GTM solutions. For instance, a third party logistics (3PL) service provider needed to upgrade their existing OTM system to meet customer expectation. Their customers required new logistics offerings, greater security provisions, highly complex pricing algorithms, and simplified system access. Eminent Group documented and designed updated their processes, methods and algorithms with the upgrade to OTM 6.0. The successful implementation enabled the 3PL to fulfill the needs of their current clients while at the same time attracting more customers.

Eminent Group has been at the forefront of the OTM and GTM consulting industry, developing various innovative solutions, products, and services. They are currently the only consulting group offering Cloud services, the undeniable future of the industry. They are also planning to launch their Rapid GTM offering soon and will add various consulting, training, enhancements, custom developments, outsourcing and hosting services in the GTM space. They will continue to leverage their vast technical knowledge and experience in OTM in order to add more value into clients’ existing transport management system.

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Kathy Moore, CEO

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