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Matthew Ainsworth, EVP of Worldwide Sales
Contact centers are evolving at a rapid pace due to novel technological innovations, as well as changing customer needs and market demands. While it is important to remain on top of the latest trends, the acceleration of change in today’s business environment is creating significant challenges for organizations. “Contact centers need to be able to respond to changes quickly and often struggle to test and deploy the right solutions in a timely manner, resulting in poor customer experience,” states Matthew Ainsworth, EVP of Worldwide Sales, Empirix. As such, contact centers need to align its practices with the changing technology as well as customer expectations. To enable decision makers to pursue new strategies and solutions that can aid in their quest to optimize customer experience and improve efficiency, Billerica, MA-based Empirix delivers a full suite of Contact Center Assurance solutions that enable them to realize the full value of their technology investments.

Empirix technology is based on the Hammer Test System, an automated solution for real-world contact center testing to optimize the Quality of Experience. The platform improves customer experience by identifying and correcting end-to-end experience-related problems prior to, and during, production operations. It helps operations teams detect and measure performance issues, including configuration errors, resource problems, telco links, IVR and PBX/ ACD prompt errors, IVR/host response times, and database response times. “The Hammer can further be deployed in QA labs, pre-production environments, and for post-production monitoring to emulate every aspect of a call-flow,” affirms Ainsworth.

In addition to on premises solutions, Empirix offers hosted solutions to help organizations scale and accelerate time to testing. Empirix Testing as a Service (ETaaS) enables organizations to determine if they truly are ready for business during peak operating conditions. By combining the power of the Hammer, Empirix’s extensive, industry-leading testing experience and methodology, ETaaS solutions mitigate risk and accelerate time to value. Empirix also provides VoiceWatch for day 2 operations—a part of the continuum of the firm’s solid Contact Center Assurance strategy.

We provide customers with a solid strategy and portfolio of solutions to ensure that their contact centers are always up and running

“It is our proactive solution that monitors the end-to-end performance of voice applications and infrastructure from the caller’s perspective,” says Ainsworth. “Because VoiceWatch is a proactive solution, consistently dialing into company’s applications and acting as an objective known good test case, it swiftly identifies slowdowns, miscues, or problems with the customer experience.”

For instance, one of Empirix’s customers was an outsourced solutions provider for major roadside assistance services. When an automobile manufacturer changed their trunk settings over the weekend, people looking for roadside assistance were routed to a busy signal after the initial “greeting message.” By leveraging VoiceWatch, the solutions provider was able to detect this issue immediately and inform the contact center to update their trunk settings. The prowess of VoiceWatch enabled the solutions provider to fix the issue within five minutes.

“We provide customers with a solid strategy and portfolio of solutions to ensure that their contact centers are always up and running—delivering top-notch customer experience,” extols Ainsworth. Going forward, while leveraging its years of industry experience and deep knowledge of complex customer communication technologies, Empirix is focused on driving innovation in the contact center space. “We will work closely with technology vendors like Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys to understand where the technology is going and ensure that we are tightly integrated with them,” says Ainsworth. More importantly, by focusing on addressing the customers’ demands and needs, “we are going to make our products easier to use and consume.”


Billerica, MA

Matthew Ainsworth, EVP of Worldwide Sales

Provides enterprise and carrier grade products as well as quality assurance products for contact centers

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