Emplifi: Building Recurring Customer Relationship

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Alex George, President
As digital natives, Gen Z is unique in that they have never known life without digital technologies like smartphones and social media. This shift has transformed the way enterprises communicate, connect and market with one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. Gen Z is known for being empowered and active social media users. Most of them will discover the product on a social network, and the brands have to be prepared for that since they want consumers to buy more than just once by building a recurring relationship. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has accelerated the prominent digital and specifically social and messaging engagement models. "It is the key to build this recurring relationship where the consumer gets a subscription for future purchases," begins Alex George, president of Emplifi.

Ohio-based Emplifi builds AI-driven software for the future of consumer engagement. The company helps the world's best brands enhance engagement with their consumers by contextually blending human and artificial intelligence. The firm's technology enables companies to provide more efficient customer service, protect their brands, and increase customer loyalty. Emplifi has built a marketing cloud with a set of marketing capabilities specifically focused on publishing and ensuring that brands can engage their consumers. Through a commerce cloud, the firm enables clients to sell the product. Emplifi is currently building a care or service cloud to answer consumers' queries regarding the purchase process and product shipments.

"People want extraordinary experiences as part of their shopping spree," says George. For example, Gen Z is most likely to spend most of their time on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, or Twitter. Emplifi amplifies a food brand's engagement by posting simple recipes of appetizing food images or videos on those social media platforms in the case of a consumer scrolling through its feed for food recipes. Once a consumer taps on any of such content, a list of groceries pops up, and Emplifi integrates into the backend supply chain at, per se, Whole Foods Market to organize the delivery of all those ingredients to a consumer's place.

Our tools help our clients to build a recurring relationship with their consumers

Further, on the arrival of ingredients, if a consumer finds irregularities in its order, they can complain, and this automated conversation or further discussion with an agent will happen through a set of tools in the care cloud. To deliver a more personalized experience for the consumers, Emplifi will enable clients to recognize loyal customers through a loyalty cloud (care or service cloud) based on their purchase history, and instead of giving loyalty points or coupons, it will throw in an extra product for the customer to try out. "At a macro level, everything is becoming as a service, and our goal is to help enterprises deliver their products in a recurring manner," states George.

For instance, a client was selling its food product on the shelves of almost every grocery store in the US. Until they realized that grocery stores were the only selling point for their brand, and to bring in more revenue, they could pay the grocery chain more to put their products right at eye level. But once they engaged with Emplifi, the client had a straightforward social program wherein consumers could follow them on social media platforms, check out the new cool products, and easily buy them online. Moreover, the client could reach out to those consumers every ten or fifteen days to promote its following product and build a recurring relationship. The client's systematic purchasing went up by thirty to forty percent.

"In terms of software capability, we have a very strong AI and automation program, and our tools help our clients to build a recurring relationship with their consumers," says George. Forging ahead, Emplifi next big focus will be on building the loyalty cloud, and the company is also planning to expand its footprint so that it will be easier for the brands to scale. "Our clients will be able to deliver a personalized experience to their consumers and not do loyalty the way it has been done in the context of points," concludes George.


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Alex George, President

Emplifi delivers a unified CX cloud platform that brings marketing, care and commerce together so businesses can better empathize with customers and amplify the right experiences. More than 7,000 global brands, including Delta, Mercedes Benz and Walmart, rely on our social marketing, social commerce and customer care solutions