EnTek Partners, LLC: enSite360 CRM Suite is a cost-effective CRM Cloud-based solution for Small Businesses and Hospice, Palliative, and Home Health Care Services

Rod Echols CTO and Co-founder
After dedicating many years in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Rod Echols, the CTO and Co-founder of EnTek Partners, one thing has become clear—a substantial gap existed in how the industry was providing a secure channel of managing patient/caregiver communication seamlessly within the patient care process. This became more apparent through personal experience of caring for family members.

enSiteCareConnect was developed by EnTek, allowing patient’s circle of care including the patient, their loved ones and health care team to provide enhanced coordinated care. Patient’s families and care providers can initiate, track and manage care requests through secure communication channels from anywhere at any time. “For those who have ever cared for a loved one, keeping everyone informed and coordinated can be a job on to itself,” says Echols from personal experience. One of their goals is to allow patient’s loved ones and care team to stay connected through preferred secure communication channels, includes accessing a branded portal through a web browser or their mobile app on smart phones/tablets.

Their product, enSiteCRM, supports traditional CRM needs for their clients across various industries and handles accounts, lead, contacts, quotes, email, tasks/activities and calendar. The platform also offers texting, chatting, mobile app, integrations, and workflows, which adds to the CRM’s comprehensiveness. With enSiteCareConnect, they have extended and tailored the tradition CRM capabilities for those in the Healthcare industry. In addition to traditional features, enSiteCareConnect supports the sales management of Patient Referrals, Patient Intake Processing, Management of Care Requests, Reporting and Management of Incidents and Medication Occurrences, as well as seamless secure multi-channel communications. “Putting it simply, the major focus is to keep everyone well connected and informed anywhere and at any time throughout the care of the patient,” Echols emphasizes.

The clients can rely on EnTek’s professional services to aid on reporting and analysis of information including trending, metric, influence, competitive and tracking analytics

As enSite360 suite of products continues its maturity across all industries, EnTek sees two key trends that their core platform will focus on over the next 6-12 months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Response and Social CRM. They are in the process of integrating with AI Voice Response platforms such as Amazon Alexa, OK Google and Microsoft Cortana. “This will provide customers and patients the ability to speak in their natural language,” says Echols, “for requests and/or needs to their healthcare provider.” EnTek is excited about how this will be a game changer for their healthcare and small business clients. They will continue to support their current integrated capabilities with communication channels such as phone IVR, email, secure text messaging (SMS) and secure chatting and upcoming integration with Facebook Messenger, Apple and Google Messenger.

Headquartered Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, EnTek today delivers tailored world-class CRM solutions and services through a nimble, flexible model to meet the needs of their customers and has transitioned over the years with the evolving technology. “We establish a trusting relationship with our clients, as though we are the client. Our goal is to truly understand and address their needs no matter how small or significant,” Echols shared with CIO Review. EnTek is continuously enhancing their product capabilities while working directly with clients to tailor solutions to fit their needs and enhancing their customer relationships and experience.

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Rod Echols CTO and Co-founder

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