Education Networks of America (ENA): Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions Designed for K-12 Schools and Libraries

Michael McKerley, VP & CTO
With the advent of “anytime, anywhere” learning and 1:1 and BYOD mobile computing programs, the need for scalable and reliable Wi-Fi networks in K-12 schools and libraries is growing exponentially. According to Mi¬chael McKerley, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Education Networks of America (ENA), the two impending chal¬lenges associated with this trend are lack of experienced Wi-Fi engineering resources and inefficiently managed, and potentially compromised, network infrastructure. By deploying a future-ready infrastructure for schools, libraries, and other institutions, ENA aims to help such institutions adapt to the fast-paced transition to digital tools and resources.

Specializing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions for schools and libraries, ENA provides a full suite of connectivity, communications, and collaboration services such as Internet access, wide area networks (WAN), Wi-Fi, VoIP, and video conferencing. ENA has an in-house Research and Development (R&D) team that develops innovative approaches to integrated infrastructure services and network security. One recent development at ENA is a new streamlined process and custom-built application for helping customers mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which have become increasingly more frequent in the last two years. “ENA is continuously researching and developing methods to fight cyber-attacks that pose serious threats to network infrastructure,” says McKerley.

Realizing the need for enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network solutions for schools and libraries, ENA developed ENA Air, a Wi-Fi-as-a-Service solution designed to meet the needs of those communities.

Apart from deployment, ENA additionally offers support, monitoring, and maintenance of the Wi-Fi infrastructure fulfilling the need for on-site support staff.
“Most schools approach ENA for the complete, turnkey package we offer, which includes cabling, RF design, switching and routing, security, and authentication,” says McKerley.

One or more of the company’s services are currently deployed across 32 states including six statewide contracts. One of the statewide contracts is with the Idaho State Department of Education for Wi-Fi services to their high schools. Idaho schools are predominantly rural, and most of them did not have a Wi-Fi infrastructure in place. ENA installed their flagship Wi-Fi solution, ENA Air, in more than 160 schools ahead of schedule while meeting the state’s compliance requirements. Students and teachers in Idaho are now embracing a digital curriculum that encompasses e-learning, one-to-one computing projects, BYOD, and other modern learning initiatives.

ENA understands the critical nature of ICT infrastructure for our customers and we are dedicated to providing the best in technological infrastructure

McKerley points out the enormity of ENA’s reach by revealing that at least one out of every 16 students in the U.S. attends a school that uses services provided by ENA. In addition to broadband and Wi-Fi services, ENA is also a leader in providing hosted VoIP services to the K-12 community with its SmartVoice solution. The company is currently aiming to expand its solutions to more schools and libraries across the nation by developing innovative solutions that help customers implement new technologies in a way that’s actually useful for learning and education. “We spend a significant amount of time in our labs testing and working on solutions that keep schools and libraries ahead of the technology curve. ENA understands the critical nature of ICT infrastructure for our customers and we are dedicated to providing the best in technological infrastructure,” concludes McKerley.


Nashville, TN

Michael McKerley, VP & CTO

Offers comprehensive Infrastructure as a Service solutions including broadband, Wi-Fi/LAN, voice, and video for schools and libraries.

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