Endavo Media: Driving the Media and Entertainment Industry to Next Generation TV Services

Paul D Hamm, CEO
Paul D Hamm is an enthusiastic tennis player, who believes in tenacity, consistency and persistence to drive success. Hamm exercises the same strategy to execute business activities in his firm Endavo Media, an enterprise solution for managing, distributing, and monetizing digital media and entertainment. “The media and entertainment industry is now under pressure to reinvent distribution and spur into the next generation TV world as ‘over-the-top' models are gaining momentum very quickly,” says Hamm, CEO, Endavo. The company offers solutions that can manage, distribute and monetize digital media and entertainment media services in the new era of “over the top” or OTT TV.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Endavo’s OTT platform provides the path for transmission of video, audio and other media through the internet without the need of multiple system operators for distribution of content. Endavo’s OTT platform represents the entire delivery workflow for OTT services, starting with digital media ingestion, then distribution through the multiscreen OTT platform ecosystem, ending with OTT video experiences. “Most of our clients use our turnkey solution, which encompasses everything needed to deliver a premium OTT video experience—all they need to do is focus on the content,” shares Hamm.

Endavo empowers all the video service models with flexible tools for creating, launching, and managing premium or ad-supported video. These features are utilized by some high profile media companies like Dubai Media Inc. (DMI), a major TV broadcaster around the gulf region, who needed end-to-end OTT video services solution. Endavo provides a full suite of services to DMI, which include multiscreen, global delivery of linear TV channels, catch-up TV, Video-On -Demand (VOD), radio, and User-Generated Video (UGV). Endavo’s platform supports the entire workflow necessary for DMI to actively manage its VOD website and multiscreen OTT services and experiences, including the programming and organization of all video on demand titles, associated metadata and branding assets, including title images, thumbs, banners, channel/category images, and promotional banners. “DMI’s viewership rating has increased to a massive number in the last two years and now regularly delivers over 15,000 video titles viewed online every month over their channels,” claims Hamm.

Our OTT platform represents the entire delivery workflow for OTT services, starting with digital media ingestion, then distribution through the multiscreen OTT platform ecosystem, ending with OTT video experiences

In addition, Endavo also ingests and archives DMI’s linear TV channel streams and Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data, in order to create a 24/7 live and start-over service on the live TV channels, as well as a standalone catch-up TV service for select TV channels, which allows users to view previous two days’ programs.

With an aim of meeting the expectations of the industry and clients, Endavo is working tirelessly to empower the media and entertainment industry. Endavo’s multichannel network platform allows enterprise clients to aggregate, curate, manage, and distribute channels that are programmed and syndicated into the admin portal independently. This allows an OTT-TV service provider to aggregate and curate independently programmed content across the digital universe to meet objectives, wrap premium services around the channels, and ultimately distribute seamlessly across devices creating an exclusive user experience to OTT TV consumers. “We are able to gain and retain new businesses largely due to our end-to-end platform and solutions, speed to market and cost effectiveness. We try to stay ahead of our competition by constantly innovating in a way that we think will help address the future needs of our target markets as TV is reinvented,” states Hamm.

Moving ahead, Endavo is expanding its foothold into the U.S. media and entertainment market, as TV broadcasters and pay TV providers are increasingly ready to adopt and execute on OTT strategies. “We are also foreseeing success in next-generation TV networks which is an emerging market that will overtake traditional media,” he concludes.

Endavo Media

Atlanta, GA

Paul D Hamm, CEO

Enterprise solution for managing, distributing and monetizing digital media and entertainment services.