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Steve Ewing, Vice President
Cloud-based CRM platforms for Customer Relationship Management hold a special place in the post-pandemic era, considering the growing prevalence of remote & hybrid work models. Unlike older on-premise/ server-based CRM systems, Cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 have evolved significantly over the past years to bring businesses even more value, greater security, and a more versatile user interface optimized for computers, smartphones, and tablets.

However, many organizations have been slow to upgrade to the Cloud and are still stuck with on-premise CRM software such as older versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM without realizing that they are missing out on several key features and advanced functions available in the newer versions of Microsoft’s Cloud-based CRM. Having said that, Endeavour Solutions has been continuously striving to equip enterprises to stay abreast with the ever-evolving Cloud-based Dynamics 365 Platform. “Now that the world is going towards a hybrid working model, it is a good time to invest in the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to enjoy the ease of access to data and applications, from anywhere, anytime on any device; along with better customer experiences, AI-powered lead scoring, email tracking, and more,” mentions Scott Jorgens, Director of Marketing - Endeavour Solutions.

Founded in 1989, Endeavour Solutions is a North American Microsoft Gold ERP, CRM & Cloud consulting firm supporting clients across the United States and up in Canada. CRM Cloud Upgrade by Endeavour is a new brand exclusively launched to help businesses upgrade and migrate from older Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations to the Cloud with the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 (end-to-end business management software) and the Microsoft Power Platform (easy-to-build tools for apps, workflows, AI bots, data analytics, visualizations, and more).

The brand’s current focus helps companies stay agile and keep pace with the changing needs of workplaces by moving on-premise CRMs, older versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and outdated Salesforce. com configurations to the latest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 & the Power Platform.
By migrating clients’ on-premises CRMs to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise (CRM), Endeavour helps its clients digitally transform their business through better collaboration, more efficient tracking of information/resources, and a greater sales & customer service experience for customers. Moreover, Cloud-based Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents can be used by businesses to not only analyze customers’ behaviors and automate processes, but to also build better client relationships by offering a means for Digital Transformation, shifting the focus from data capture (boring) to a focus on improved speed, quality, and efficiency of customer interactions (innovative).

With an in-house team dedicated to client success, Endeavour helps SMB and Mid-market clients achieve Digital Transformation through the Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Leveraging Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, Endeavour has been able to transform several businesses with multifold benefits. For instance, Endeavour’s successful execution of a CRM migration to Dynamics 365 includes a brokerage and wealth management firm that needed extra security in Cloud-based tools; to meet industry compliance and protect their own reputation & confidential information. At one time, moving to the cloud presented an increased fear of data breaches and security. However, being designed from the ground up for maximum data security, the Cloud-based Dynamics 365 CRM combined with Microsoft 365 (Office 365 and Teams) and Azure Active Directory is able to deliver the utmost in trust and reliability far surpassing the security provisions of older systems. For this client, moving from Salesforce.com to Microsoft Dynamics 365 finally allowed them to put sales, customer services, team meetings, and email tracking all together in one integrated system, resulting in a greater experience for their valued customers.

Every project onboarded by Endeavour emphasizes Digital Transformation and a phased approach for increased user adoption. Clients are able to continually improve their operations as they progress on their Digital Transformation journey with advice and guidance from Endeavour’s CRM consultants. Beyond upgrading on-premise Dynamics CRM systems to the Cloud, Endeavour also helps its Microsoft clients with ongoing ERP, CRM, and Cloud application support, training services, custom configuration, and data analytics that enable their clients to offer the best services to their customers. visit www.crmcloudupgrade.com/

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Steve Ewing, Vice President

Helping companies achieve business agility by migrating their on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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