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Yisroel Teitlebaum, Co-Founder and President & John Bruzinski, Director of Operations When a consumer orders a product from an e-commerce store, it goes through a series of supply chain processes from the manufacturer through the warehouses to the fulfillment center until it reaches the consumers’ front doors. At each of these touch points are operators whether it is a warehouse worker, transport personnel, or a delivery person who will capture the product data along the supply chain with digital communication devices to facilitate a streamlined and transparent delivery process. However, it is not uncommon for the supply chain data flow to be disrupted due to malfunction or failure of consumer-grade communication devices, which are not built to withstand the rough conditions at different touch points across the supply chain.

Whether it is safety hazards faced by truck drivers trying to use GPS on handheld smartphones, the potential damage to the delivery person’s smartphone or tablet during rainy or snowy conditions, non-reliable safeguards against accidental drops, or the need to recharge the batteries every few hours, the inefficiencies of conventional communication devices can add up to a substantial loss in speed and productivity.

Energy Electronics a premier distributor of world-class corporate communication products is addressing these challenges by equipping logistics companies with rugged communication devices designed to perform without interruption in the most extreme conditions. Being a distributor rather than a seller of solutions, Energy Electronics brings the best rugged communication devices developed by the world’s leading manufacturers to the table for its clients. The company works directly with the manufacturer's design team to customize configurations so the clients only pay for what they need.

“Where once logistics clients had to enter into contracts and choose from the limited communication devices portfolio of their vendor partners, we let them mix and match communication equipment from multiple electronic brands and customize those to meet their exact operational needs,” says Yisroel Teitlebaum, co-founder and president, Energy Electronics.

The rugged communication devices implemented by Energy Electronics withstand the harsh conditions of multiple utilization environments, including warehouses, ports, and transit vehicles. Therefore, damaged screens due to accidental drops and shorted circuits due to moisture from rain are a thing of the past. The communication devices are also enhanced with workflow-specific software capabilities ranging from barcode scanning to thermal imaging, eliminating the need to carry multiple peripheral systems.
They are augmented with robust and ultra-fast connections, translating to seamless connectivity for syncing inventory data and getting real-time updates. These capabilities enable logistics companies to overcome the hurdles encountered by conventional consumer-grade products.

Comprehensive Assessments for Long Term Resolutions

Energy Electronics’s ‘out-of-the-box,’ client-centric collaboration process further enhances the value of the rugged communication solutions it offers.

“We place our clients in the driver’s seat during assessment and implementation, ensuring that they are choosing the solutions they prefer, taking control of their investments,” John Bruzinski, director of operations, Energy Electronics.

Rather than pointing out problems in clients’ communications infrastructure and offering them a solution to patch the ‘symptoms,’ Energy Electronics works in tandem with the clients’ IT team to find the root cause of their overall communication and collaboration challenges. The clients have a transparent and objective view of the assessment, and hence, can rely on the accuracy of the report generated by Energy Electronics. Also, instead of instructing the client to use a particular solution, the company suggests a list of best-fit rugged communication solutions from different vendors for the client to choose their preferred communication devices based on the budget and requirements. Even if there is a better solution outside the offerings of Energy Electronics’s partner network, it doesn’t hesitate to point the clients toward the most optimal rugged digital devices in the market.

Once the clients make their choice, Energy Electronics implements the optimized digital solutions quickly and efficiently at a minimal, one-time expenditure—no unending subscriptions. If needed, Energy Electronics customizes the procured communication devices for its clients before implementing them in their workflow. Whether it is incorporating additional hardware protection or integrating the best software relevant to specific workflows, Energy Electronics ensures that the implemented devices meet the expectations of the personnel using them.

“We place our clients in the driver’s seat during assessment and implementation, ensuring that they are choosing the solutions they prefer, taking control of their investments”

These competencies can be found in a recent case study when Energy Electronics helped a medical device manufacturer. The client had developed a novel pill dispenser for elderly patients, which was designed to be controlled through an app on the digital devices of nurses. However, they were struggling to find mobile hotspot integration powerful enough to facilitate a seamless connection between the pill dispenser and the digital devices of care providers. Energy Electronics, along with the client team, mapped out the exact requirements of the hotspot before choosing the best solution from the vast portfolio of its multiple technology partners and integrating it with the dispenser. Now the nurses can remotely schedule and dispense medications for the elderly under their care without hassle.

Expanding the Market for Manufacturers

The benefits of collaborating with Energy Electronics extend to manufacturers as well. By joining the company’s partner program, manufacturers of digital communication devices can significantly expand their potential customer base. Being in the middle ground between the manufacturers and users, Energy Electronics removes the most common inefficiencies and unwanted costs of sales and distribution.
The company’s partner program focuses on making the products of its partners available to the broader market, bypassing multiple supply chain partners and distributors.

Illuminating the Way for Business Optimization

Energy Electronics’s vision of implementing a lasting communication infrastructure is backed by its inspired workforce, which always places the clients first throughout implementation and support. Whenever clients face the slightest issue in their communication infrastructure, Energy Electronics’s workforce is the ‘one back to pat’ for their communication and connectivity device problems. Even the clients know that Energy Electronics’s workforce has their best interests at heart, and for this reason, they rely on the company’s expertise to keep their communication infrastructure in alignment with the fast-evolving industry.

Other manufacturers make their equipment with proprietary software and hardware to the point where the customer is held hostage and has no choice but to continue using these antiquated systems. Making the transition from their existing platforms is a much bigger pill to swallow; what we bring to the table is a solution to a problem and not a leash that would hold the client hostage

Energy Electronics’s client-centric approach is matched by its dedicated focus on sustainability. The company’s facilities are built with the environment in mind, drawing power from solar panels rather than the power grid. Additional power generated from its solar panels is often shared with the surrounding community to foster the use of renewable and natural energy sources. A company that is establishing itself as a problem solver in both the business as well as a social sphere, Energy Electronics is an epitome of a sustainable and future oriented organization.

Taking its sustainability stand further, Energy Electronics ensures that the replaced infrastructure of its clients does not go to waste and facilitates its reuse for relevant purposes. The company seeks to become the ultimate solution not just for its clients but also for the socio-economic problems of the larger community. Even while choosing the manufacturers, Energy Electronics looks for the companies that share the same values around sustainability and build products that last longer. By following sustainable practices in its own business model, Energy Electronics is inspiring companies to move beyond profitability and contribute to a sustainable future.

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Yisroel Teitlebaum, Co-Founder and President & John Bruzinski, Director of Operations

Energy Electronics is helping companies switch to the most-efficient communication infrastructure that maintains their business continuity

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