Energy Enablement: Bringing Order And Profitability To Energy Management

Mark Nuzzo, CEO
Energy management can be complex for a small, one-site operation. Now imagine the level of complexity – and confusion that goes with it – for companies with ten, fifteen, twenty locations across the United States. Price volatility alone can wreak havoc on an energy budget, not to mention ever-changing price components and countless variables across 100’s of utilities and regional power grids.

Enter Energy Enablement. “Our firm brings order to the chaos,” states Mark Nuzzo, CEO of Energy Enablement. “We deliver a holistic and customized, energy management approach that addresses and leverages the entire facility portfolio by simplifying a myriad of issues, which result in immediate impact to the bottom line and a long-term competitive advantage,” says Nuzzo.

We can’t expect what’s done today to keep us ahead of what’s happening tomorrow

Even when a company has an energy manager, this individual or department is typically not able to dedicate the amount of time to proactively budget and manage various and volatile energy costs without some ongoing market and technology support. Energy Enablement provides this support with three main service offerings: an energy management platform, procurement services, and incentive support.

Their web-based Energy Management Platform is a customized, one-stop shop where customers can access all needed information to create and manage an energy budget for one or dozens of facilities. This goes far beyond mere bill upload and usage and cost tracking by incorporating automatic budget creation based on sales forecasts, in-depth variance reports, monitoring & pushed alerts to smart phones, automated bill accruals to close out fiscal calendar months, and even 18 month forward energy price projections unique to each facility.Nuzzo further states, “Any energy management company can offer generic usage and cost tracking and budget modules. Customers don’t hire us for that.
Customers want our technology and services because proprietary algorithms, smart phone alerts, and in-depth reports are cost effectively tailored to meet our customer’s unique facility needs.”

Procurement services are the second of Energy Enablement’s three-pronged solution. In deregulated areas where customers can shop their energy, attorneys and market experts help customers identify qualified energy suppliers, determine the best product for that specific location, and negotiate and obtain best contract terms at the best price.

Third, but certainly not the least, is Energy Enablement’s turnkey solution in obtaining millions of dollars in cash rebates and incentives. The rebates mainly concern energy efficient equipment installs and new construction. Their incentive team identifies and obtains cash from utility and government agencies, prepares applications, and provides ongoing, hands-on follow up from filing to funding.

When asked why focus on energy management platform, procurement and incentives, Nuzzo succinctly states, “They’re the ones that move the needle and directly impact the bottom line.”Energy Enablement is going head to head with large consulting firms and beating them. Rather than going with other providers who are “giving away” off-the-shelf technology and energy management solutions, customers are paying more for Energy Enablement’s customized technology and solutions because they are giving customers what they need…budget control and profitability.

This commitment to customer profitability has supplied Energy Enablement with a clear vision of the future. “Our attitude is to remain humble and grateful for our growth, and our mission is to stay on top of the energy markets and the latest technology which will enable us to be best in class at identifying and delivering energy management solutions. Because energy and technology are ever-changing, we can’t expect what’s done today to keep us ahead of what’s happening tomorrow,” says Nuzzo.

So whether it’s one location or one hundred, Energy Enablement’s three-pronged, customized solutions and their commitment to improvement can bring order and profitability to the complexity surrounding energy management.

Energy Enablement

Wexford, PA

Mark Nuzzo, CEO

Provides energy management services and technologies to commercial and government customers ranging from mid-size organizations to Fortune 100 companies.