EnergyIQ: Trusted Data Manager—A Well-Lifecycle Solution

Steve Cooper Founder & President
With the recent drop in oil prices and the necessity to improve integration of data between all applications and data sources constituting the full Well lifecycle, oil and gas companies are under tremendous pressure. It is necessary to establish a corporate Well Header data store in which every Well and its components are clearly identified and the relationships between them are maintained to deliver a fully integrated view of the data. Located in Littleton, CO, EnergyIQ is a pioneer in handling large and complex E&P data stores from around the world. “EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager (TDM) loads Well data from multiple data-sources and applications, compares and matches the data, and builds out a populated Well hierarchy establishing the critical foundation for a corporate Well Master data store and MDM solution,” says Steve Cooper, Founder and President, EnergyIQ.

Cooper observes, “The process of developing assets through the Well lifecycle is complex and no single company can supply all the applications needed for an operating company.” Solutions must plug into an integrated enterprise architectural framework. “From day one, integration was deeply seeded in EnergyIQ’s TDM solution,” informs Cooper. The application has been developed within a service oriented architecture and the functionality is available through both Web browser and Web services.In addition, it can track changes within the data store and initiate events based upon these changes. Information can be automatically exchanged through web services based upon queries or events and external workflow processes can be notified.

Built upon the industry standard PPDM data model, the functionality that is delivered with the solution includes—Data Loaders, Query Builder, Well Edit, Reports and Ex-ports, and Data Quality and Maturity. Loaders load data from different sources including commercial, proprietary, and partners. Thereafter Query Builder enables users to quickly find specific data of interest. Edit tools empower users to enhance and create new well data. Reports and Exports deliver complex data in a standard way that businesses can leverage easily for rich analytics and to quickly load into interpretive applications.
Data Quality and Maturity focuses on enhancing the maturity of data over the Well lifecycle. This includes tools for processing and managing directional surveys, digital and raster logs, and interpreting production data from the raw values to drive business value.

EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager (TDM) loads Well data from multiple data-sources and applications, compares and matches the data, and builds out a populated Well hierarchy

EnergyIQ recently helped a large independent operator, which faced misalignment issues with its planned Wells and reserves forecast. The TDM solution was implemented to assign a unique identifier to each Well and its components at the point of inception with their reserves forecasting tool. These unique identifiers were then tracked throughout the life of the Well across multiple stages and applications. Using TDM they can now reliably tie actual events back to the original forecast for reporting purposes for the first time. To help integrate TDM into existing technology infrastructure, EnergyIQ’s solutions architecture team provides design and analysis, implementation and integration, and deep technical support.

Additionally, EnergyIQ has created a division, EnergyIQ Exchange, to deliver a commercial software solution to automate the exchange of information between TDM and leading E&P applications to help companies create more efficient workflows. EnergyIQ is also investing heavily in the quality assurance and presentation of master data such that analytical tools can easily and reliably consume it.EnergyIQ is growing rapidly with three offices in North America. Many large oil and gas companies have adopted EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager to help manage very large and complex data sets, driving workflow efficiency and competitive advantage.


Littleton, CO

Steve Cooper Founder & President

EnergyIQ delivers the Trusted Data Manager (TDM) application suite that gives exploration teams easy access to a trusted repository of comprehensive subsurface data on which to base decisions