EnerNOC: Delivering Intelligent Energy Choices

Tim Healy, CEO
Buying energy is a time consuming and a tedious process unlike paying the monthly bill. An important factor that needs to be addressed while buying energy is the price at which it is available. Having a check on the facilities and the processes operating is also vital in terms of saving energy costs. “Get more from energy” is a statement that echoes the halls of EnerNOC, an energy management company operating to recognize energy efficiency measures to enable customers to make intelligent energy choices. EnerNOC provides a platform to boost energy savings through the integration of information technology and energy management. “Our technology makes actionable energy intelligence possible,” begins Tim Healy, CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder, EnerNOC. “We have invested more than $200 million to create a technology platform that delivers the promise to make more intelligent energy decisions.”

The Boston based EnerNOC provides cloud-based Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) and service. The Energy Intelligence Software solution for enterprise gives visibility to the way energy is bought, the amount of energy used, and the time when energy is used. “One cannot manage without measuring,” says Healy. “Better management of energy cost drivers with energy intelligence software reduces the size of energy bill each month.” The solution improves the energy productivity or the ability to make more informed decisions about energy usage. It also reduces the time spent on reporting, managing energy distribution and protecting the organization from associated risks. “Our robust solution helps to prioritize the measures that will create an impact and empower the customers to take action,” adds Healy.

EnerNOC has served its purpose to many of its clients throughout the United States, as well as internationally including in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea. For instance, Beacon Capital Partners, LLC is a real estate investment firm in Boston, which considers energy as a critical concern for its sustainability initiative.
In order to actively manage energy across the portfolio, Beacon needed to analyze real time energy usage to find opportunities to reduce energy cost. To let that happen, Beacon enrolled in EnerNOC’s demand response programs in the U.S. to reduce energy consumption during times of peak demand. As a part of its enrollment in demand response, Beacon received EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software (EIS) platform, which allowed the company to access real time energy data at all Beacon properties. Leveraging the EIS data, Beacon received the required insight to identify energy saving anomalies and take corrective actions that led to significant energy savings.

By identifying under management of energy, EnerNOC was founded in 2001 to fetch clean energy solutions to the market with the help of analysis and measurement. As a provider of energy intelligence software and solutions, EnerNOC is committed to environmental stewardship and strives to make the world cleaner and greener.

We have invested more than $200 million to create a technology platform that delivers the promise to make more intelligent energy decisions

Moving ahead, EnerNOC expects to generate revenue from their enterprise and utility business. In the coming years, the company would strive to surpass the grid operating business to lower their expense without affecting the business operations. “We aim to change the way the world uses energy. Our capable staff and world-class technology enables the customers to make more intelligent energy choices,” ends Healy.


Boston, MA

Tim Healy, CEO

EnerNOC is a provider of cloud-based energy intelligence software (EIS) and services to thousands of enterprise customers and utilities globally