Engage Mobile Solutions: Mobilizing Businesses with a Strategic Approach

CIO Vendor Mobile technology is empowering businesses around the world by delivering applications to completely transform industries. Engage Mobile (www.EngageMobile.com) is at the forefront of the mobile revolution. The Kansas City based company helps clients succeed in the mobile revolution by building revolutionary mobile apps and software and helping companies with their mobile strategy and marketing.

The Engage Mobile Difference

The Engage Mobile difference really starts with the team. The founder and CEO of Engage Mobile, Darrin Clawson, is a pioneer in the world of mobile. He has been completely focused on mobile since the early 2000s. He was developing mobile solutions for hospitals around the world 6 years before the iPhone hit the market. Clawson has surrounded himself with top mobile architects, developers and marketers to create a mobile "dream team".

The company's process starts with a focus on user engagement. This begins with the overall strategy but is tightly coupled with an emphasis on functionality and simplicity. Engage Mobile uses an iterative process where the company continuously refines every aspect of each app until the simplest and most effective solution is defined. While this process takes time, it is a critical part of the Engage Mobile process that cannot be skipped.

Development is the next phase of the Engage Mobile process. Although many companies can build apps, few have the breadth and experience of Engage Mobile to develop mobile solutions that work in terms of driving business results and user engagement.
"We have the brightest people in the industry and work with all major technologies – Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, HTML 5 – and all major hardware options – phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. We build fantastic solutions that meet the needs of our clients," says Clawson.

Engage Mobile has deep expertise in deploying enterprise mobile technology. The technical issues for large deployments are immense and many times the execution of the deployment is the difference between success and failure. The team at Engage has experience deploying software and hardware around the world.

Engage Mobile's marketing platforms have been developed to help both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients cut through the clutter to gain traction with their mobile applications and strategies. Each mobile marketing program is custom developed for the unique needs of each client. The Engage Mobile team has been using digital and mobile marketing to generate results for clients for over a decade.

In addition to developing solutions for smartphones and tablets, Engage Mobile is focused on the next phase of mobile: wearable computing. The company was selected by Google as a beta developer for Google Glass and they are looking at several different solutions around other wearable devices. The company and stays on the cutting edge of technology to ensure they can provide the best options for clients.

Engage Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobility companies in the country. Having recently signed clients in New Jersey, Washington, Colorado, California, Texas, Kansas and Missouri, Engage Mobile continues to prove to clients that their unique approach to the mobile market generates results.

Engage Mobile Solutions

Mobile technology is empowering businesses around the world by delivering applications to completely transform industries.