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A company's ability to deliver a unique experience to the client will increase consumer satisfaction and inspire loyalty to its brand, driving better business results. In today’s scenario, technology plays a major role in managing the end-to-end customer experience. Customers expect to communicate with companies anywhere, anytime using any channel such as web-form, chat, social media, text, phone call, or email. “Handling interactions across multiple channels at the same time becomes a herculean task. Contact center and unified communications technology is the central point where all customer contacts are managed for an enterprise,” stated Christoph Mosing, President, Enghouse Interactive.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Enghouse Interactive provides a full suite of unified communications and contact center solutions that allow Customer Experience focused Executives, Managers, and Representatives to handle any type of interaction coming in from any channel. To better empower agents, Enghouse Interactive proffers a unified queue as well as a Customer Timeline for each customer’spast, present and queued interactions, in one view, across all channels. Through the Customer Timeline agents are able to engage with and modify any customer interactions past or present, and queue new interactions as needed.

There are two common models for contact center solutions. Traditional premise contact center solutions require upfront capital expenditure and are typically scaled around estimated agent and call volume numbers. Advantages here are high network availability and security for industries dealing with private information and strict uptime requirements.

In contrast, cloud implementations are growing fast in the contact center space and do not require an upfront investment, allowing the business to invest money in an OpEx model. “Our Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP) provides bandwidth service providers an easy to use and deploy solution for SMB to mid-sized contact centers on a single platformin a multi-tenant cloud environment.

This helps service providers supply their install base with a managed service around the growing requests for improved customer experience solutions,” explains Mosing. For this model, Enghouse Interactive offers a highly scalable, Omni-channel contact center product for mid to Enterprise contact centers called Contact Center: Enterprise (CCE).
Christoph Mosing, President
It is PBX agnostic, including a Skype for Business (Lync) integration, and enables one unified service solution regardless of the number of locations across the globe or the variety of PBX’s used.

For instance, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, a healthcare organization, found it challenging to communicate with an ethnically diverse community. To save patients from having to drive to multiple clinics for service, SCVMC offered a phone appointment service through a dedicated call center, which also included a rudimentary IVR system that was supposed to simplify the pre-visitprocess. However, the process didn’t work well and the contact center experienced a dropped call rate of 30 percent.

Recognizing this issue, the SCVMC searched for a new IVR system provider. Enghouse Interactive– who offers a specialized IVR and self-service solution, worked with SCVMC’s IT team to ensure a smooth transition, which included removing the legacy system and setting up and configuring an entirely different IVR process. The system enabled them to easily separate callers into established, new and episodic patients. This enabled the patient to quickly navigate through the system and schedule an appointment at the appropriate clinic with no customer service rep interaction, while always providing a way to immediately drop out of the IVR to an agent who spoke their language and could access each location’s information. “This solution reduced dropped calls by 17 percent and wait times went from 27 minutes to under 2 minutes,” Mosing adds.

Enghouse Interactive’s own customer service policy includes a point to neverstop supporting its customers, even if they are using a past product from an acquisition. “We believe in supporting the customer first and we let our customers, combined with industry trends drive product innovation,” he concludes.


Phoenix, AZ

Christoph Mosing, President

Providing technology and expertise to maximize the value of every customer interaction, with products spanning multi-channel call centers, CTI integration and IVR or Self-Service.