Enigma Vault: Securing Data Storage through Encryption and Tokenization

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Every online application selling a product or service is a data bank of personal information that needs to be properly secured. Cashiers, accountants, volunteers, administrators, marketers, and even third-party system administrators gain access to customer data, which is usually stored as a permanent record that needs constant protection from cyber threats and unauthorized users. This approach to data security is becoming increasingly tricky for businesses, leading them to seek powerful avenues to securely store their data.

Enter Enigma Vault, a company driving efficient data security for application developers by administering authorized access and encryption to its information vaults. Enigma Vault is an expert in application development, AWS, and data protection, providing a flagship platform to help developers adopt robust data storage practices without worrying about the security challenges driven by the ever-changing IT industry. The Enigma Vault platform is a SaaS-based data storage suite that includes card, data, and file services powered by unique-key-per-customer AES field-level protection.

Enigma Vault is a PCI Level 1-compliant, AWS Lambda Ready, and ISO 27001-certified platform capable of supporting users in reducing their development cycles through data tokenization and encryption. Its encryption and tokenization process involves protecting information through three dedicated solutions: Data Vault, Card Vault, and File Vault. Each system enables the pre-formatting of data to align with client needs, creating a unified platform that replaces multiple storage solutions. A flexible platform allowing for asynchronous uploads, Enigma Vault provides the ability to store and encrypt large files for better data security within corporations.

"Our data storage solutions follow PCI, CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA regulations to embrace a security approach that ensures encryption on the field, file, and volume level," says Tony Alex, CEO of Enigma Vault.
The developer-friendly platform also allows clients to self-onboard through automated technologies, delivering quick signup, payments, and customer support. This approach has minimal human intervention and reduces the possibility of data loss and breaches to facilitate better data security and streamline compliance.

Enigma Vault has carved a significant position in the payment and financial services arena, where it administers individual data protection to enable safe and seamless user access to encrypted data elements. For this domain, It stores and encrypts all personal identification information (PII) datasets within its Data Vault system, allowing access only via authorized tokens.

Our data storage and accessibility solutions follow PCI, CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA regulations to embrace a security approach that ensures encryption on the field, file, and volume level

Recently, it assisted a telecom partner in boosting the security of their call center datasets. Initially, the partner recognized their susceptible card information storage increased their PCI scope. As an antidote, Enigma Vault's data security experts encrypted the center's voice files and card data to secure their datasets from unauthorized access. Enigma Vault ensured a non-intrusive approach was implemented to maintain the partner's payment flow while their existing AWS implementation facilitated a seamless and secure sharing of redacted voice call transcripts.

Similarly, Enigma Vault helps numerous clients offload their data protection needs by handing them an ever-evolving toolset that adapts to their needs. It aims to continue developing a growing feature set that addresses prevalent data protection issues. Above all, Enigma Vault strives to accomplish its data storage, access, and security vision by delivering adaptable, safe, and developer friendly solutions.

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Tony Alex, CEO

Enigma Vault encrypts and tokenizes data of all shapes and sizes. It offers true field level protection and instead of your apps storing sensitive data, they instead store tokens. Enigma Vault provides card, data, and file vault or vaultless services to its client base

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