Ennetix: New Frontiers in Network Performance Analysis

Bis Mukherjee, Founder, President & CEO
Cloud-based infrastructure helps enterprises stay connected and up-to-date with their application and service offerings, but on the hindside, with resources distributed across multiple data centers, operators possess limited visibility to manage the network efficiently. In today’s highly virtualized, dynamic, heterogeneous, and multi-domain networking environment, where every data center might have varying performance characteristics, the age-old network performance metrics are turning ineffective. With a mission to overhaul this legacy approach, Ennetix has developed a unique Performance Measurement Overlay (PMO) technology that analyzes granular-level network performance, even for the most complex system architectures.

“We go beyond traditional network performance management and provide a network analytics solution that is holistic and addresses the most pressing issues for operators,” says Bis Mukherjee, Founder, President and CEO, Ennetix. Delivering their unique PMO technology through a cloud-based platform, Ennetix Network Performance Management Solution, can store, analyze, and serve large datasets in near real time. Apart from performance management, the platform also detects policy violations and intrusions, implements security measures, and offers forensic analysis and risk management solutions.

Mukherjee explains that when applications are on premise, entire application infrastructure is well within the peripheries of the enterprise, giving complete control over the network. However, in today’s scenario, Mukherjee finds that by moving applications to cloud, network performance issues are on the rise. When one of Ennetix’s clients found their application performance to be unusually low, they employed Ennetix’s solution to examine their network performance and root-caused the issue to be multiple back and forth of information exchanges (over the network) between the distributed components of the application. Comprehending the problem using the Ennetix solution, the client was quick to move all application components to the same data center to ensure higher performance.

We go beyond traditional network performance management and provide a network analytics solution that is holistic and addresses the most pressing issues for operators

The Ennetix solution utilizes advanced data correlation algorithms on various network performance data to produce actionable outcomes. These insights are presented in an industry leading front-end interface of their SaaS solution. Visualization usually corresponds to the network health (indicated by color codes or a topographic view of the network), performance, or network status. Ennetix also uses its analytics to send critical alerts in the form of emails, text messages, and web-links to operators.

While Ennetix’s toolsets ensure a high level of network performance monitoring and management, what distinguishes it from the competition is Ennetix’s ability to provide best-in-class holistic measurement technology and detailed analytics, which its competitors lack. The core technology strengths were the foundation for securing funds through US government’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program (multiple Phase 1 and Phase 2 grants), a highly selective program that awards grants after a rigorous technology review over several months.

Ennetix is continuing on its accelerated path with deployments in multiple large-scale live environments, and has several opportunities in the pipeline including telecom players, major US government agencies, content delivery networks, cloud service providers, etc. Currently focused on the U.S. market, Ennetix is starting to work on engagements to deploy its solution internationally.


Davis, CA

Bis Mukherjee, Founder, President & CEO

Offers a unique network performance management SaaS solution based on its Performance Measurement Overlay (PMO) technology