ennVee Technogroup: Being Innovative towards Implementation of Oracle Solutions

Veera Venugopal, Founder
The present generation Oracle customers continue to leverage the technologies provided by the tech giant. On the other side, forums and other mediums often talk about the drawbacks of these services. Many times, the need to keep the systems updated for incorporating system features and innovations from other Oracle software products becomes prominent. Secondly, the industry is still struggling to find ways to maintain generations of products. Lastly, keeping pace with the software releases is another concern. Addressing these concerns is Warrenville, IL based ennVee Technogroup, a firm aiming for maximum benefits for clients in ERP Business Suite, BI Applications, Middleware (SOA), Application Management Service(AMS) and Mobility, through Oracle solutions.

ennVee approach involves assigning Project and Account Managers to ensure smooth process of each and every step in the implementation cycle

Being the Perfect Oracle Partners
Often, complex projects varying in function and scope, require an experienced team, such as ennVee, capable of performing several tasks simultaneously. “We truly focus on the business problems prior to mapping the solutions. At ennVee, we ensure that the solutions are sensible before implementing them. Also, I am proud of our team who are creative thinkers more than engineers and use the best of object technologies to retain flexibility with the clients”, says Veera Venugopal, the Founder of the firm.

Unlike many Systems Integrators and Staff Augmentation firms, ennVee is well-capitalized, and are able to build on a managed services basis.
Banking upon their core strengths, the ennVee team continues to build architectures for clients in different domains. The other imperative feature about the company is building lateral account relationships with operating companies, which has enabled exceptional success at different levels.

Implementations and Upgrades

ennVee is open to changes which are always identified and embraced. Moreover, the firm enables clients to implement and adjust to the adaptations afoot in each department. Additionally, the ennVee approach involves assigning Project and Account Managers to ensure smooth process of each and every step in the implementation cycle. Detailed feedback mechanisms and requirements documents are part of the firm’s approach, as project plans get integrated with the resources and opportunities.

“We are well-versed in a range of Oracle ERPs, providing the planning, integration and configuration capabilities for smooth and transitional services which in turn enable meaningful exchange of domain knowledge”, continues Veera.

The firm extends functional, techno-functional, technical, and management functions for Optimization of Oracle E-Business Suite Applications, Business Intelligence, Assessment, Installation, Migration, Enterprise Mobile Development and Native Application Development.

Views on Future

“We provide annual outlooks and advisories on our growth. We are however privately held and will discuss our financials to the point where you are satisfied with our solvency and robust profile. We have an approach that allows us to grow organically and through acquisition. We have a strong foundation of senior people many of which are from more formalized education background who have worked within the Big “4” settings”, adds Veera.

The last 15 years have seen the firm experiencing continuous growth, which they are planning to continue banking upon their conservative management philosophy.

ennVee Technogroup

Naperville, IL

Veera Venugopal, Founder

A provider of consulting services for ERP Business Suite, BI Applications, Middleware and Mobility