Enprecis: Toward Designing Better Vehicles Faster

“Global players in the automotive industry are increasingly tuning into their customers to better understand their own cars,” says Richard Counihan, CEO, Enprecis. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Enprecis evolved from this shift in focus into an effective technology platform company catering to the automotive industry’s need for a better and faster way to measure customer satisfaction.

Continuous Quality Insight (CQI), the sophisticated technology platform from Enprecis connects vehicle owners and manufacturers across multiple custom feedback channels, throughout the stages of vehicle purchase, initial ownership, ongoing service, and repurchase evaluation. “With our product, any issues with the car, or the dealer, or warranty can be acted upon swiftly to focus on those sets of customers who are at the highest risk of leaving the brand,” says Counihan.

Enprecis’ CQI collects customer feedback using various digital channels, such as online surveys accessed through PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Tapping into the widespread use of mobile and iPad usage, Enprecis has also developed CQI Mobile Companion, the latest

enhancement of CQI technology that gives vehicle owners another way to share vehicle issues and contemplate on questions from anywhere. The Mobile Companion survey questionnaire is specifically tailored to elicit detailed feedback in less than 10 minutes, garnering the highest response rates over more complex surveys. A robust online reporting tool turns the raw CQI data into identifiable trends and actionable directives for improving specific vehicle quality issues. The platform provides sophisticated sorting,filtering, and visualization tools, including custom dashboards, empowering the industry client to easily create thousands of dashboards with the most relevant reports targeting their engineering departments or other quality groups.
For instance, the dashboard for the brake-engineering group displays specific reports on brake noise, brake dust, brake vibration, or other brake issues. The reports enable clients to identify emerging issues, track trends and evolving patterns, and verify the effectiveness of solutions.

The feedback given by CQI helps global car manufacturers act on responses of drivers from other countries or emerging markets who need assistance in navigating new technologies in their vehicles. All the feedback channels are offered in custom language support, which helps the driver present his or her problems with clarity. The channels are also branded with the specific manufacturer/dealer logos and vehicle images, to elicit the type of detailed feedback automobile manufacturers need to make product and service improvements

Serving 12 brands in 12 countries, Enprecis is continuing its impressive record of client acquisition and retention, helping improve vehicle quality scores across a variety of assessment approaches. The company’s clients include automotive majors like Toyota, VW, Chrysler Group LLC, Mazda Motor Corporation, Jeep, Dodge, Jaguar, Hyundai Motor Company, Kia, Maserati and Land Rover. A major automobile manufacturer using Enprecis’ CQI technology noticed a trend in negative customer feedback related to Bluetooth functionality. The Enprecis platform helped this client to analyze more than 325,000 customer comments and extract comments directly related to Bluetooth issues, zeroing in on the real problems which were with sound quality, voice recognition, and connectivity issues.

The success of Enprecis’ clients show the power of real-time data to effect real-time changes—before customers become dissatisfied and long before costly recalls are necessary. “Enprecis’ Continuous Quality Insight (CQI) currently addresses an estimated 20 percent of U.S. automotive sales, and usage continues to rise,” states Counihan. This demonstrates the critical role Enprecis plays in systematically capturing the automobiles’ communication channels.


Seattle, WA

Customer data management insight provider for the global automotive industry