Enrich: Expanding the Horizon of Oracle Solutions with its Superlative Workforce

James Anthony, President
Oracle technology is often labeled as slew, comprehensive and broad, and knowing what to prioritize from the heap of solution is always a challenging task for the business leaders. Deployment of Oracle ERP is just the beginning and squeezing the value out of Oracle technology and making it work as the business process changes and new companies are acquired or expanding into new regions. Coming to the aid of these companies and leaders is Enrich, a full-service system integration company primarily focused on the Oracle world of technologies, which is catering to its clients by making them manifest profound ROI from their Oracle E-Business Suite and Fusion investments through its ‘Wave 2 ERP’ delivery framework and Oracle cloud Procurement solutions.

Headquartered at Atlanta, GA with operations in Europe and India, Enrich was founded by Arul Murugan, who is also serving as a CEO of the com- pany. Under his leadership, Enrich, an Oracle platinum partner, has almost grown double every year since its inception in 2003, and also has garnered numerous accolades for its competence.

Enrich is known for its exceptionally strong Oracle credentials which has made them specialized in the practice of procurement, supply chain, financials, BI, and BI Apps. With the rich experience of 12 years, supported by 300 highly skilled consultants across the globe, the company has established themselves as a business process services partner, early adopter, cloud specialized partner, R12. 2 Beta partner,Oracle Business accelerator certified partner and Member of Oracle customer advisory board as well.

Enrich with the Firepower

Over the years, Enrich has focused its energy on innovation and fresh ideas to extend the capabilities of Oracle and increase the ease-of-use, and thus the adoption of the entire Oracle suite.
Arul Murugun, CEO
Using the massive Oracle experience, the company has also developed a spend analytics tool using OBIA/OBIEE, allowing drill-down by supplier, category, geography or department, enabling enterprise visibility into precisely what is being spent, highlighting areas for cost savings. For empowering user adoption by improving the overall user experience, the Oracle partner has built Enriched user interface’ which is a clientbranded interface using Oracle’s rich user-interface technology. Enrich also further expanded this and built ‘Enriched iProc’ tool which provides clients with Virtual catalogs to enable easy requisitioning of complex services and increasing overall adoption by minimizing the steps required to order goods and services. Enrich also developed mobile requisition and approval apps called ‘Pocket iProc’.

Building a Vibrant Consulting Company

“One word that has defined Enrich over the history of the company that has made them who they are today is teamwork. You need the best people in your team, and then you need to be able to communicate, get along with them efficiently to solve client’s problem every day,” explains Arul. To thrive in your space, it is imperative to share as much about the state of the business as possible as the workforce should be aware of the destination their company is heading towards.

For the future, Enrich is looking forward to triple their size in next three years with more than 1000 employees, on the back of satisfied clients and many proof-points value add to Oracle.


Alpharetta GA

James Anthony, President and Arul Murugun, CEO

ENRICH is a full-service systems integration company focused on the Oracle world of technologies enabling clients to realize or multiply ROI from their Oracle E-Business Suite investments