Enrollment Rx: Seasoned Insights and Experience for Accelerated CRM Deployment

Lawrence Levy, President
Constituent relationship management (CRM) has emerged as a crucial element in the higher education space. Schools today face a lack of transparency into the overall relationship between constituents and the institution, preventing them from effectively engaging with specific constituents at the appropriate time. To address this challenge, higher ed institutions require a “single window” approach to successfully manage relationships across the student lifecycle.

“Enrollment Rx transforms the Salesforce platform into a higher education solution to sustain relationship management with multiple constituents,” says Lawrence Levy, President, Enrollment Rx.

Enrollment Rx defines CRM as an institution’s ability to track and measure engagement and effort across the entire lifecycle – not just from the student and staff perspective, but also from the viewpoint of other constituents, such as employers, faculty, parents, etc. – who contribute to a student’s success.

Built on Salesforce’s cloud computing platform, Enrollment Rx provides solutions for managing student enrollment, retention, career services, and alumni relations. Enrollment Rx’s proven set of higher education CRM solutions helps clients bring complete visibility into the relationship status across departments, right from the first prospect inquiry through last contact and all the touch-points in between. As a result, schools can make enormous strides in operational excellence, improving institutional decisions and maximizing resources.

As a part of the CRM implementation, Enrollment Rx invests the time to determine a school’s requirements and understand their resources, budgets and time frame. With this, they can provide the best-fit CRM system to match the customer’s immediate needs, as well as scale into other areas of the student lifecycle when they are ready. “We don’t want to paint any client into a corner with a limited set of CRM features, but rather, we want to ensure that our CRM will be able to accommodate future requirements and expansion at the appropriate time,” says Levy.

According to Levy, Enrollment Rx has intentionally chosen to build the solutions on the Force.com platform due to Salesforce’s world-class infrastructure,commitment to innovation and the advantage of a tremendous partner ecosystem.
“We foster a great relationship with Salesforce.com and the Salesforce Foundation specifically, where we share their passion to widen the utilization of their platforms in the higher education market to support the complete lifecycle of relationship management,” says Levy. Salesforce.com’s ever growing community of app providers allows clients to adopt plug-and-play enhancements instantly without relying exclusively on a single vendor to provide every single bell and whistle. During deployment, Enrollment Rx also helps clients find the right AppExchange tool for activities like enhanced data quality, email marketing, integration middleware, sms text messaging and document generation.

Enrollment Rx transforms the Salesforce platform into a higher education solution to sustain relationship management with multiple constituents

It is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the pitfalls that commonly make their way into a higher education CRM deployment. The implementation team at Enrollment Rx takes a practiced and experienced approach toward this. Dixie State University, for instance, needed a comprehensive CRM, with flexibility to track student enrollment, from identifying a prospect to follow-up and ultimately enrollment. Of the twelve solutions evaluated, Enrollment Rx offered the most robust, intuitive and easy to use recruiting module. The deployment of solutions played a key role in the overall enrollment strategy that resulted in a 60 percent increase in the admission rate. New student enrollment has also increased by an average of 6 percent per year since the implementation of Enrollment Rx.

Enrollment RX constantly innovates to ensure success, offering the most effective solutions to assist higher ed. “Our implementation team strives to bring together CRM best practices with innovative higher ed functionality to deliver solutions that are really intuitive, easy to configure and deploy,” concludes Levy.

Enrollment Rx

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Lawrence Levy, President

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