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Jeffrey Milne, Founder, CEO, & President
While the concept of innovation and digitalization sounds exciting to most businesses, the banking sector is still skeptical about embracing it wholeheartedly. Despite knowing the immense benefits that advanced technologies like blockchain, near field communication, and peer-to-peer lending bring to the table, the banking sector continues to heavily rely on rigid traditional processes. Working as the Senior Director in Barclays Bank, industry-expert Jeffrey Milne has seen at close quarters the various challenges in the banking space. For instance, many of the established banks feared the consequences of unsuccessful technology implementations, as a result of which, were hesitant to incorporate the latest technological solutions. Milne was determined to bridge this gap that impaired the progression of banking services. This led to the inception of Entech Consulting.

Entech stands for Enable Technology and focuses on the financial services market, specifically in loan origination technologies. “We blend over 30 years of experience and billions in loans with evolutionary leaps forward in cloud computing, analytics, and augmented intelligence,” says Milne, Founder, CEO, and President at Entech Consulting. Squaring impossible circles, Entech creates an unforeseen level of customer engagement and operational efficiency across the loan lifecycle. Entech integrates and aggregates internal and external data, and delivers incredibly fast loan services to bolster customer acquisition. Initially focused on microsites to support loan product marketing and campaign management, Entech has come a long way, with its modernized solutions mainly focused on catering to the millennial generation. “By 2025, millennials will account for 46 percent of the total personal income in the US,” remarks Milne. He adds that as a lender, engaging millennials and understanding their requirements becomes imperative as they are the prime demographic for borrowing. To allure this elusive technology-driven generation–and probably the most sophisticated consumers–lenders need to provide them with out-of-box user experiences. Entech identified this lucrative opportunity and devised the perfect plan. It acquired the AppWorks Loan Origination Platform to provide a complete loan origination solution to the suite of undergraduate and graduate students. Entech further upgraded AppWorks, merged it with its proprietary software products, and added new lending modules for Parent, Refinance, Personal unsecured, Personal secured, Revolving Credit, and Home Equity Line of Credit loans.

We blend over 30 years of experience and billions in loans with evolutionary leaps forward in cloud computing, analytics, and augmented intelligence

Having processed loans worth more than $100 billion through AppWorks, Entech has effectively added advanced features like mobile responsiveness and built out its APIs, communication services, and data structure to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Additionally, Entech’s plethora of solutions includes MicroWorks, ProductWorks, and Originate. The company’s MicroWorks platform also referred to as the “loan delivery engine,” offers omnichannel communication and enables the rapid creation of personalized loan experiences that instantly gather and engage consumers. ProductWorks, through its centralized dashboard for product creation, campaign set-up, and real-time data tracking, helps customers to manage loan product offers, thereby saves time and money. Again, the advanced features like personalized landing pages, highly customizable loan applications, and SMS text messaging of the Entech Originate solution guarantees to optimize its customer’s loan portfolio.

The company further extends its services and integrates its technologies into the core banking system for enhanced loan processing, credit decisions, and business analytics. A testament to the potency of its vast and flexible services is a large bank client of Entech that needed to increase their loan application pull-through by facilitating a seamless, personalized experience to its customers. To enable this, Entech created a microsite framework with a robust, customizable user interface and dynamic data collection, and enabled the bank’s marketing department to deploy target-specific content. Result? It quadrupled the bank’s conversion rates for student loans in less than three months.

From cloud-based, zero hassle loan set-up to complete outsourcing or custom solutions, Entech’s transformational technologies are optimizing customer’s lending environment and maximizing loan conversions. These robust solutions position Entech as a key player in financial innovation.

Entech Consulting

Malvern, PA

Jeffrey Milne, Founder, CEO, & President

As a financial services company, Entech specializes in advanced lending solutions. The company is fast rising through the ranks of big-time financial players, assisting client organizations in their loan product marketing and campaign management. With a goal establishing a presence in the student lending space, Entech acquired AppWorks Loan Origination Platform. And since then, it has processed over 100 billion dollars in loans. To further enhance its capabilities, Entech has merged the platform with its proprietary software products and added new lending modules, including Parent, Refinance, Personal unsecured, Personal secured, Revolving credit, and Home equity line of Credit loans