Entegration Software: Providing Powerful Cloud based Test Management Console

Chennapan Padmanabhan, President & Co-Founder
Today, customers are increasingly moving their installed applications to the cloud for greater scalability and lesser maintenance, allowing businesses to pick and use best-of-class applications. However, along with it comes the challenge of integrating the cloud applications with an organization’s existing applications, either on the cloud or within their data center, followed by validating the business process flows across these multiple applications. CIOs now want to “do more with less.” Addressing this very challenge, Entegration Software has created a cloud-based test orchestration solution that offers end-to-end business process testing capabilities. “Since we drive the testing based on business flows, organizations are assured of the integrity of their business operations from deployment to production,” says Chennapan Padmanaban, President and Co-founder, Entegration Software.

The company offers simple and easy-to-use testing products and solutions, which significantly improve the efficiency of IT operations with minimal overhead of configuration, maintenance, and support. Their flagship product, ATTEST is a powerful test management console that serves as a single point of user interface for all key test management functions. “We built ATTEST from ground up to de-mystify the complexity of testing multiple applications,” explains Padmanaban.

“Enterprise testing is complex, since business flows typically traverses multiple applications as well as multiple modules within an application. Teams are buried in their own modules and seldom get the big picture.” Through ATTEST, Entegration makes the teams understand the components they are responsible for, alongside interactions between various components, both upstream and downstream. This not only helps organizations with their testing, but also provides a comprehensive overview of business processes and dependencies that is invaluable during the design phase.

The company’s vision is to provide a closed loop system between design, development, and testing. ATTEST is built on the Force.com platform and is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. By increasing the throughput and breadth of testing, customers can gain an 800 percent increase in testing efficiency, while cutting testing cost by 30 percent within 6 months of implementing ATTEST.

We built ATTEST from ground up to de-mystify the complex testing of multiple applications

It provides a comprehensive framework to capture and define the requirements, process components/ functions, testing scenarios, data sets, roles, responsibilities and the application instances. It allows users to execute the test scenarios across any set of instances with the capability capture and maintain complete audit trail.

“We’ve been taking customer inputs seriously and constantly incorporating several features which have helped the product to be agile and easy to use,” asserts Padmanaban. An illustration of the company’s value proposition is a multi-billion dollar semiconductor-testing firm which has adopted Entegration’s solution, and completely automated the end-to-end testing of their IT applications. This has resulted in tremendous savings for the customer; what used to take 3-4 weeks for over 7-10 business users and analysts to test is now accomplished in 36-48 hours with just 1-2 users executing the tests. It has given the customer a good competitive advantage, since any changes to their application can be reliably tested in a very short time and released to production.

Surging ahead toward the future, the company would like to become the go-to process design and testing platform on the cloud. They want to continue to provide an outstanding user experience on desktop and mobile devices. “We’re planning to collaborate with multiple service providers to develop test components for various applications in the market and make them available, which customers can subscribe without spending a lot of time on developing automation components from scratch. We will continue to evolve our uncomplicated and easy-to-use testing products and solutions to simplify the testing process,” concludes Padmanaban.

Entegration Software

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Chennapan Padmanabhan, President & Co-Founder

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