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Magha Devan Partner, Client Services
The data-driven enterprise is on the rise and organizations are on the front-run to incorporate data for efficiently managing their operations. With an ever-increasing need of managing data, generating business report and predictive analysis, Enterprise Data Management software is also undergoing a radical transformation. The “time-honored” enterprise software solutions have become obsolete and have been substituted by software powered by machine learning. Traditional enterprise software solutions faced many quandaries such as relational databases, human curated rules, and human errors. With machine learning software, computers can now process and mine data in real time to automatically discover insights and generate predictive models. Organizations can find patterns and foresee what will happen in the future based on real-time analysis of their data. SAS® has been provided advanced data mining and machine learning capabilities for years, beginning long before the current buzz. Moreover, it has continually incorporated advances in machine learning research into its classification, prediction, and segmentation procedures. Noticing this transformation of traditional enterprise software solutions into machine learning software solution and the veneration of SAS® in this field, Entellimetrix offers affordable SAS® based Enterprise Data solutions and services that effectively transform diverse data sources of the customer organization into actionable information and reliable insight.

The features of the software solution offered by Entellimetrix’s SAS® powered Enterprise Data solutions include Enterprise Data Management (EDM), Business Intelligence and Reporting, and Advanced Analytics. By leveraging SAS® technology to build these solutions, the firm is able to help their clients in successfully managing their data, generating a business intelligence strategy, and generate insights and predictions that help their business to grow.

For any business decision to be made there is a need of extensive management of data from both inside and outside of the organization. This requires accessing the data, integrating it, modeling it and storing it for further use. Entellimetrix leverages SAS® technology to successfully integrate the aforementioned features in its solution that can help organizations build a wide-data warehouse managing volume, granularity, and partitioning of data.

The features of the software solution offered by Entellimetrix include Enterprise Data Management (EDM), Business Intelligence and Reporting, and Advanced Analytics

This warehouse can also profile and summarize data, and can maintain integrity of the stored data. Storing and maintaining data is not all SAS provider’s Enterprise Data solutions have in offer. It also delivers a robust, accurate and timely Business Intelligence and Reporting which is very fundamental for building a business intelligence strategy. The business reports generated by Entellimetrix’s Enterprise Data solutions deliver interactive video tools that can be shared very quickly via any device. This makes the employees of an organization feel connected and they can easily understand the business strategies.

Apart from Enterprise Data Management (EDM), and Business Intelligence and Reporting, Advanced or predictive analytics are also included in the arsenal of Entellimetrix’s Enterprise Data software solutions. Predictive or Advanced Analytics gives organizations the edge by endowing sophisticated algorithms and data mining techniques such as SAS® Enterprise Miner and Visual Analytics. These algorithms and techniques provide meaningful insights and descriptive modeling which help the organizations tap into enterprise data to make better, more informed business decisions which can improve revenue generation and performance of an organization.

Entellimetrix has offered solutions that can resolve clients’ complex business problems by improving efficiency and empowering innovation while reducing costs. The firm looks forward to be the Enterprise Data Management Solution space’s leader in the near future.

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Magha Devan Partner, Client Services

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