Entercoms: Digitally Transforming Service Supply Chains through a BPaaS Model

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Rahul Singh, Co-Founder & CEO
In today’s service-driven economy, developing and delivering superior aftermarket services is undeniably a competitive priority. “At Entercoms, we are committed to optimizing the service supply chain via a BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) delivery model, melding expertise, processes, and technologies to ramp up customer satisfaction,” begins Rahul Singh, co-founder and CEO of Entercoms. As such, Texas-based Entercoms helps customers accelerate the transformation of their service supply chains, combining deep domain expertise and technology, through its innovative solutions along with offering supply chain planning as a service. When it comes to the service supply chain, Singh stresses that getting the lifecycle forecast right is crucial. “If you don’t get the lifecycle forecast right, you won’t get the supply right, and you will build up too much just-in-case inventory.” Besides, considering the wide variety of high-volume low-mix and low-volume high-mix products in the post-sales supply chain domain, it is essential to have a comprehensive knowledge and an integrated view of the customers and it’s installed base. Not just that, a traditional supply chain planning tool or ERP system no longer suffices in managing service life cycles. Organizations need planning processes connected to an integrated process control tower to shift gears from a reactive to proactive supply chain planning to gain greater control over processes, enhance the visibility, detect the loopholes, and continuously learn in the process.

“We believe that process control towers working in lockstep with legacy systems is critical to driving bottom line results when managing service parts and field service,” highlights Singh. To this end, Entercoms brings to the table a novel integrated process control solution tower to help customers drive visibility and control over key processes such as installed base management, forecasting, parts supply and spare parts inventory management. For customers that are looking to put a complete end-to-end optimized supply chain planning process in place, Entercoms offers a portfolio of solutions under the Service Lifecycle 360 umbrella, including SpareX for spare parts planning, LynX for supply chain automation and execution, and the Process Control Tower to achieve process consistency and control. Further, Entercoms provides deep domain expertise to help customers obtain insights to manage their service supply chains. Most of Entercoms’ customers are up and running within 90 days.

SpareX, Entercoms’ spare parts planning solution, enables companies to optimize spare parts availability and inventory while improving forecast accuracy. Entercoms LynX, on the other hand, provides every player in the network with the real-time visibility needed to drive dynamic and proactive agility. Leveraging data-driven intelligence, users can monitor and manage transactions across partners, customers and suppliers with predictive alerts of emerging supply chain events and issues.

While Service Lifecycle 360 covers the service parts lifecycle, Entercoms’ Customer 360 solution delivers unprecedented visibility into customers in the installed base to ensure executives gain in-depth customer-asset intelligence by consolidating customer and asset data across the asset installed base. The solutions are further reinforced by different capabilities or modules that are built within them.

With such powerful capabilities, Entercoms assisted a global service supply chain that was challenged with meeting response time SLAs ranging from 2 hours to 24 hours, while dynamically ensuring a balanced network of service inventory at all times.

At Entercoms, we are committed to digitally enable and optimize service supply chains of the future, leveraging deep domain expertise, AI and automation, one process at a time

Due to short product life cycles and a growing installed base, it was increasingly difficult for the client to anticipate spare parts demand and stock inventory at the right place at the right time. Entercoms mapped the client’s installed base, analyzed their demand patterns, and looked into the network geography to dynamically optimize the global stocking strategy, keeping the network balanced. Starting from an effective life-cycle forecasting model, Entercoms enabled the client with better predictive visibility product failures and spare parts demand. That wasn’t all; Entercoms also optimized the client’s reverse supply chain, providing operational plans to reuse parts profitably by recovering, recycling, and refurbishing them, instead of buying new parts to support service need. “We were able to drive 5-10 percent improvement in the client’s SLA achievement while cutting down their inventory by 20 percent. With the recycling strategy, we ensured lesser inventory overstock or obsolescence, making the supply chain more environment-friendly,” Singh remarks.

To enhance end-customer satisfaction, Entercoms serves as a big proponent of a novel initiative—“shift left.” The idea is centered on bringing more productivity and proactiveness, for both the OEM/seller and the customer, by shifting left in terms of reducing the number of steps involved in servicing the equipment. Entercoms is building innovative solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to provide equipment support remotely and more precisely, reducing part dispatch or field service dispatch and instilling more efficiency in the process.

Heavily focused on supply chain planning as a service, Entercoms plays an integral role in optimizing both linear and circular supply chains. While the linear supply chain deals with building new products, transporting those, and selling to customers, the circular counterpart encompasses the recovery, harvesting, servicing, and recycling of equipment parts. Through its BPaaS model, Entercoms is one of the few companies that offer in-depth expertise in both areas. Entercoms is taking innovative strides to provide customers with an end-to-end capability set, underpinned by AI, ML, and IoT technologies, to help them make their service supply chains more efficient and drive better outcomes. Optimizing the entire service supply chain at the back while customers concentrate on their core business, Entercoms caters to the needs of different industries, ranging from short, medium, to long lifecycles. The company stands on a belief that technology needs to be supplemented with the right domain expertise and augmented intelligence to drive transformative business outcomes. Governed by this vision, Entercoms will continue churning out leading-edge solutions to the market.


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Rahul Singh, Co-Founder & CEO

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