Entero Corporation: Eliminating Duplicated, Fragmented, and Conflicting Information

Stephen Remmington, President and CEO
With the rising global energy demand, and the pressure to stay ahead, E&P and midstream companies are adapting newer technologies to create a more efficient and cost-competitive business. Yet some companies are still spending a large amount of money integrating and maintaining disparate, legacy systems, despite the changing environment. “This often leads to duplication or inaccurate information, ineffective forecasting, arduous processes, lots of manual entry, and challenges with knowledge transfer,” says Stephen Remmington, President and CEO, Entero Corporation. With an aim to generate substantial cost and time savings for clients, and deliver greater information clarity, the company built two software platforms to help energy companies manage core business functions and align various roles. Entero wanted to develop systems to unite key groups through a feature-rich, single solution and deliver speed, quality of information, seamless processes, and immediate value. The company’s purpose has been to create time and insight for their clients, while delivering rapid, low-cost implementations, and reliable, responsive customer service.

With Entero MOSAIC and Entero ONE, the company has reduced the total cost of ownership for clients by cutting down the number of solutions that clients need to own, implement, upgrade, and integrate. Entero ONE is targeted at Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and oil and gas midstream operators, marketers, and distributors. It is a single shared data structure that uniquely integrates activities between opera-tions, marketing, and accounting to provide a better approach to midstream operations management. “We see Entero ONE as a system that follows the molecule, to the component level, from field to financials. By doing so, it enables better security, real-time information, and easier management of data complexity,” explains Remmington. Entero ONE supports multiple core functions, including trading and marketing, risk management, scheduling and logistics, production accounting, plant allocations, joint venture, and financial accounting. "Entero ONE is distinctly designed with a flexible modeling tool to maximize configurability, regardless of company size” states Remmington.
Built on a single source code, Entero ONE eliminates the need for costly customization during implementation and product upgrades.

Entero MOSAIC, another product of the company, is an asset intelligence system focused on supporting the reserves, budgeting, economics, decline analysis, and capital management processes for exploration and production companies. “Since our clients deal with multiple applications and processes for different groups, it becomes extremely difficult and expensive to maintain relatable data and timely inputs to ensure optimal tracking,” says Remmington. MOSAIC provides a consolidated efficiency tool through one integrated system and one database. There’s no need to manage disparate, siloed systems, or manipulate data since it offers a holistic view across workflows for a client’s entire asset portfolio. “The key difference with MOSAIC compared to other tools, is our ability to support corporate-level processes,” adds Remmington. “Other products originated either as simple well production evaluation systems or decline tools, without the true breadth of functionality that MOSAIC offers.”

Entero ONE is distinctly designed with a flexible modeling tool to maximize configurability, regardless of company size

With offices in Calgary and Houston, Entero aims to grow opportunistically over the next few years with a focus on North America. “We are nimble and committed to innovation and advancement,” Remmington concludes. “Innovation is part of Entero’s culture. Our breakthroughs come from tackling difficult problems collaboratively, while having a long term view of what is important for our clients and their company growth. We will continue expanding our unique position and offer the best and broadest functionality for the upstream and midstream industries.”

Entero Corporation

Alberta, CA

Stephen Remmington, President and CEO

A software development company helping energy companies manage different functional areas from the field to the boardroom.