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George Anderson, Founder & CEO
The Financial Services sector generates and manages exabytes of data every year, including structured data such as customer demographics and transaction history and unstructured data such as customer behavior on websites and social media. However, never before in the history of humanity has there been so much information being collected, analyzed and used daily. With this, big data technology has become a fundamental part of the new age Financial Services Industry. However, current financial firms, burdened with legacy platforms, and lacking the flexibility of emerging FinTechs are not successful in creating and managing the new services. Providing ground-breaking big data financial software solutions to this growing industry vertical, Enterprise Engineering is continually assisting organizations to shift from general management at the macro level to lean management of detailed processes and performance. The New York-based Corporation has been delivering software and services to major Financial Institutions since 1995.

Enterprise Engineering is a highly trusted advisor to the Financial Industry vertical, presenting data solutions through their unrivaled services and software product suite. “We are primarily a financial industry-focused software and services company, catering to multinational banks and other financial institutions,” states George Anderson, Founder and CEO, Enterprise Engineering.

Enterprise Engineering operates in every organization’s immensely demanding environments and circumstances to evaluate its current situation, determine its future position, and deliver optimal business and market outcomes.

“Our firm has been involved with data solutions for the last 23 years and has deep expertise in this domain. Along with our big data expertise and knowledge in dealing with customer challenges, our integrated software platform acts as an enterprise solution for all financial data. The Enterprise Engineering data platform fuses data together, powers advanced analytics, and understands the data structures and the toolsets, such as Hadoop,” states Susan Certoma, President, Enterprise Engineering.

The Enterprise Engineering team then augments these change programs with verified resources, proven methodologies, and repeatable solutions. It customizes its engagement and processes to the client’s maturity level and requirements, with this dedicated team sieving through every issue and possible disruption– whether it is a single expert to augment an existing project, a fully staffed uninterrupted operation control or an all-inclusive rollout team.
Enterprise Engineering’s variety of professional enterprise services ensures that the clients’ meticulous design details, Implementation, and Testing are realized, while the company’s professionals operate inside the Financial Organization’s workflow to provide a seamless big data integration.

Enterprise Engineering is a highly trusted advisor to the Financial Industry vertical, presenting data solutions through their unrivaled services and software

Enterprise Engineering experts address both systems infrastructure and applications, helping Financial Institutions reconfigure existing environments to reduce expenses by reducing crisis resolution time, improving utilization and upgrading end-to-end performance with installation, integration, and setup. The systems are structured and developed, assuring minimum costs against the organization’s ROI, fusing paramount material and producing the best infrastructure according to the business requirement.

Also, Enterprise Engineering excels in cloud technology and implementation, providing state of the art cloud services across platforms for every Financial Institution in the market. The company sets the remarkable benchmark with its famous product, the Trusted Network Platform™, a cloud solution with the ability to aggregate clients’ assets across multiple Financial Institutions, helping the firms achieve a holistic view of the financial data that drives the business.

In one instance, a global bank, which had its big data environment, with multiple onboarded clients, on a petascale Hadoop cluster, faced severe challenges around performance and client delivery.

“We reengineered key aspects of their infrastructure, defining distinctive ownership and virtual compute boundaries, eliminating intra-stream dependencies and effectively helped clients meet their regulatory deadlines and deliverables”. narrates Raj Limaye, Principal Consultant.

With such commendable feats and continuing its line of numerous other innovations, Enterprise Engineering is investing primarily in its R&D sector, committed to enhancing its solutions and services. In a matter of months, Enterprise Engineering will soon expand its work locations to the United Kingdom, making its services readily available for every other market around the globe.

Enterprise Engineering

New York City, NY

George Anderson, Founder & CEO

Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI) provides premier software and IT consulting services for leading financial institutions and premier wealth managers. EEI has established itself as one of the finest innovators in the FinTech community with its collaborative, outcome-based, and client-focused initiatives. EEI has developed award-winning solutions in the past few years, delivering outstanding quality, reliability, and ethics that exceed client expectations. Its Trusted Network Platform (TNP) facilitates seamless data access, aggregation, and transaction processing for over 75 financial institutions and 20 service providers. More than 8000 financial institutions across the world leverage the offerings of EEI to gain access to over 16,000 sources of financial data