Enterprise Knowledge: Derive Real Business Value with Knowledge Management

Zach Wahl, CEO
Today, the concept of Knowledge Management (KM) is increasing in prominence across domains, and technology too has evolved significantly to align with this trend. However, in practice, KM is a term that is often misunderstood as an academic concept. Recognizing the need to acquaint organizations to the benefits of KM to derive business value and results, Enterprise Knowledge, a Washington DC area based firm, fills these glaring gaps by offering unmatched consulting services in the areas of knowledge and information management, software development, and project management. “We recognized that people spend too much effort trying to make artificial distinctions between KM, Information Management, and Information Technology. The reality is that true business value is the result of all of these coming together as cohesive solutions,” says Zach Wahl, CEO of Enterprise Knowledge. With decades of experience in the industry, Enterprise Knowledge provides the full spectrum of KM, Information Management, and IT solutions from strategy, to design, and through implementation and operations.

Enterprise Knowledge makes it their mission to find the value of an organization’s information and knowledge, ranging from the tacit experiences of their employees to explicit documents and records. The company finds their success in assisting firms in harnessing the entire gamut of knowledge—information which can be easily found, used, and reused for years to come. “Our services allow organizations to maximize their information assets through practical solutions that provide measurable value,” states Joe Hilger, COO of Enterprise Knowledge. Additionally, the company creates a KM benchmarking methodology that organizations can use to assess their maturity and gaps.

The firm’s core services include strategy, design, and development of Knowledge and Information Management systems with proven approaches for Taxonomy Design, Project Strategy and Road Mapping, Brand and Content Strategy, Change Management and Communications, and Agile Transformation and Facilitation. “At the heart of the services, we focus on working with our clients to understand their needs and ensure they are given practical and achievable solutions on an iterative, ongoing basis,” adds Wahl.

At the heart of the services, we focus on working with our clients to understand their needs and ensure they are given practical and achievable solutions

Being a ‘technology agnostic’ company, Enterprise Knowledge also works with a wide range of KM software solutions, both commercial off the shelf and open source, in order to build customized solutions for clients. This philosophy enables the company to find the right KM suite for customers at the lowest potential complexity and cost. Recently, the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) approached the firm to cater to their quick turnaround needs for KM support. Enterprise Knowledge worked to alter the way the customer handled KM and facilitated a series of workshops with their stakeholders to identify needs and prioritize them based on their business value. This led to the development of a vision for KM culture, process, and technology and a road map to achieve this vision. As a result, NPS today has a cutting edge KM solution that seamlessly brings together formal learning, informal learning, and social learning materials. This is one of many customer success stories Enterprise Knowledge details on their website. The customer success stories stand as a testament to the benefits and prowess of Enterprise Knowledge’s services in aiding businesses to achieve desired outcomes.

“For the future, we aim at offering a unique learning and development opportunity to our clients through our agile methodology and coverage of the full spectrum of KM, Information Management, and supporting development services,” concludes Wahl.

Enterprise Knowledge

Arlington, VA

Zach Wahl, CEO

A services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Agile approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions

Enterprise Knowledge