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David Marco, CEO
Big Data technologies enable organizations to harness diverse data silos and discover new insights that drive significant business value, which were earlier perceived as unattainable. With the drastic rush of data streams from everywhere, data environments of most companies are ripe with redundancy, crippled by needless complexity and highly inaccurate data, demanding CIOs to implement effectual ways to manage and tame their unstable architecture. “EA practitioners are entrusted with the task to map the right data management course for big data across the most critical dimensions of the organization—business, culture, and technology,” says David Marco, CEO, Enterprise Warehousing Solutions (EWSolutions). EWSolutions provides a complete solution for designing, building, maintaining, and improving enterprise architecture and enterprise data management. “EWSolutions functions on the concept that data is a strategic differentiator in the market,” cites Marco who is also the author of the 2 top selling books on metadata management.

Metadata management and data governance are the foundational capabilities needed for enterprise architecture and data management, especially big data management. Companies that fail in these areas struggle to achieve sustainable and flexible data management capabilities. EWSolutions was created with the aim to deliver best-in-class data management, data governance, business intelligence and metadata management services to its client partners. As it has evolved, the company has added advanced analytics to its arsenal, without compromising on the deepest areas of its portfolio. Leveraging the company’s solutions, EWSolutions offers implementation methodologies for data governance, data warehousing and metadata management, and a meta model for big data. EWSolutions also provides training in all areas of data governance, metadata management, modeling and data warehousing. “We guide our partners to use and manage big data tools and techniques effectively in the larger EA space,” says Marco.

The company assists its customers in building capabilities that are industry-proven and will make substantial impact with continuous financial returns and capabilities. EWSolutions starts by identifying areas of need within an organization, and applies time-proven techniques and solutions to resolve significant pain points.

We guide our partners to use and manage big data tools and techniques effectively in the larger EA and data management space

Additionally, the company gives the organizations a rock solid foundation to improve their data management function in manageable increments. Depending on the nature and objectives of the engagement, EWSolutions utilizes the combination of G3sm (data governance methodology), M3sm (metadata management methodology), I3sm (data warehousing/ advanced analytics methodology) and/or DM3sm (overarching data management methodology).

Marco explains that EWSolutions’ EA strategic assessments are an effective offering, which enables the company to quickly assess their client’s current architecture while mapping out a strategy, roadmap, business case and project plan. This helps the organizations to rapidly and successfully build their data management capabilities into a world-class function. For instance, Mayo Clinic’s Enterprise Data Trust collects data from patient care, education, research, and administrative transactional systems to support information retrieval, business intelligence, and high-level decision making. Mayo associated with EWSolutions to lead and implement six systems and programs that enabled unprecedented organization of enterprise information about patient, genomic, and research data.

EWSolutions is investing heavily into building implementation additional methodologies and plans to design a complete data management methodology which will leverage all the other techniques, giving organizations a massive cost saving. While working on expanding its capabilities in Africa and Europe, EWSolutions has upgraded its meta model to incorporate big data metadata to address the requirements that complex data sets bring into IT environments. EWSolutions plans to supplement its portfolio with additional capabilities including free educational opportunities next year for all areas of data management.

Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc

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David Marco, CEO

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