EnterpriseMarketdesk / EMD: Simplifying Workday Implementations with Client-Side Expertise

Keith Bitikofer, Senior Workday Architect
Workday’s enterprise management cloud is a gamechanger for businesses aiming to streamline their operations via the software’s powerful human resources, financial and planning solutions. Deploying Workday without significant disruptions to an organization’s day-to-day operations is no small feat. As most businesses have finite resources including very limited skills, knowledge, and talent specific to Workday, many businesses find it difficult to redirect focus off their daily operations and onto a being fully dedicated to a Workday project.

This is precisely the problem that EnterpriseMarketdesk (EMD) solves. Leveraging an active talent pool of nearly 550 independent consulting and project management professionals, Florida-headquartered EMD successfully supports the client-side Workday consultancy landscape. EMD’s solid work ethic, sincere efforts, and authentic customer-side experience, accumulated over multiple Workday deployment cycles, strengthens their delivery of comprehensive deployment, support, and optimization solutions.

A testament to EMD’s success is their 2022 recognition by Workday as a Workday Advisory Partner.

EMD’s network of highly trained and seasoned independent consultants, each with diverse Workday application expertise, bring support and added bandwidth to the customer. By embedding directly into the customer’s team, the consultants are able to do what they do best. We like to say, “They become indistinguishable from the customer’s core team!” These client-side Workday experts are a valuable asset to any Workday customer, boosting end-user readiness while offering much-needed know-how on the methodology and configuration that best suits each customer’s unique implementation needs. EMD’s consultants help with complex tasks like data conversion, module functionality discussions, configuration, testing, and validation, as well as more basic but just as important, translation of Workday jargon into comprehensible terms that make sense to our customer’s end-users.

“Customers say Workday is an incredible system, but we need support to use the right pieces of that system to drive success and maximize ROI, and the EMD team does exactly that,” says Keith Bitikofer, senior workday architect of EMD.

More broadly, EMD delivers support during all stages of a customer’s Workday lifecycle including pre-implementation planning, implementation, post-initial implementation, Phase X projects, staff augmentation, and administration.
They have significant experience with all module functionality, technology, and project management/methodology. EMD also offers strategy and team development advisory services to help clients better embrace Workday functionalities, and production support to boost the monitoring and auditing of Workday operations. EMD has a long successful track record of onboarding the best independent Workday consultants, and as an employee-owned organization with diverse market expertise, EMD has a lower operating cost, ensuring higher value.

Customers say Workday is an incredible system, but we need support to use the right pieces of that system to drive success and maximize ROI, and the EMD team does exactly that.

A common distinction is that Implementation Partners ensure an efficient and effective implementation/go-live while, EMD’s client-side focus ensures that the customer’s team is empowered and supported to make the most of that implementation from a customercentric lens. EMD works alongside the Implementation Partner to create the best customer experience possible, going beyond bringing a customer ‘live’ to enabling them to have confidence to support Workday themselves. Additionally, EMD’s consultants often find themselves staying connected with customers long past the initial golive. This helps the customers reach a comfort level with Workday, sometimes several months or even years after they go-live. This strengthens a client’s ability to support their Workday needs by themselves.

When this all comes together, this is what clients have to say:

“The EMD client-side approach is great and just what we needed. The team fits well with our team and is always willing and able to get involved with every aspect of our deployment and support needs. Their ability to look at our configuration and know what is going on was amazing. Their suggestions to review and make changes in some areas were very helpful in proactively identifying potential pitfalls. We could not be happier with them.”

EnterpriseMarketdesk / EMD

St Petersburg, FL

Keith Bitikofer, Senior Workday Architect

EMD / EnterpriseMarketdesk, a Workday Advisory Partner headquartered in St Petersburg, Florida is a colleague-owned network of highly skilled and tenured independent consultants. Their proven experts deliver comprehensive client-side Workday deployment, support, and optimization solutions

EnterpriseMarketdesk / EMD