EnterpriStore: One E-commerce Program Does Not Fit All!

James Louderback, CEO
James Louderback won’t be the first to emphasize how much website speed performance impacts that website’s business. The speed of page changes and a personalized customer-based website design are the cornerstone of his business, a strategy that he believes will make an important difference for his E-commerce customer companies.

EnterpriStore designs turn-key and customized, mobile responsive E-commerce website solutions, offering full accounting API integration for Infor SX.e and other B2B distribution ERP platforms with multiple warehouses.

For E-commerce websites, speed, ease of use and a personalized experience are the three (3) most important factors. According to Louderback, the CEO of E-commerce solutions company EnterpriStore explains, “The speed of an E-commerce website can make or break a business. The next step towards winning customers is to make the layout user-friendly and personalized.” Website layouts, he believes, should conform to the classic rule of business: give the customers what they want.

Customer Personalization
Websites designed by EnterpriStore’s team use each customer’s browsing and purchasing history to create a personalized layout and guided search. This connects each customer to relevant products more quickly and with less effort.

Best Practices
EnterpriStore leverages “E-commerce Best Practices” that create websites that feel natural and personal. A simple layout and streamlined checkout process help customers to move through transactions, and the latest responsive web design ensures that they can shop from anywhere. A natural language search and faceted navigation create an intuitive user experience, which translates to happy customers and increased sales.

Customized Development
EnterpriStore is the fourth-generation e-commerce platform from Logistica Solutions, a company that has been providing clients with the latest in website-building tools for over twelve (12) years.

We have learned one thing - one E-commerce program does not fit all companies. Each company wants to customize according their business rules and workflow

Their philosophy has always been to work closely with their clients, designing custom programming for each client’s exact specifications. Louderback notes that developing innovative solutions to meet different client’s goals is his favorite part of the process. “We have learned one thing - one E-commerce site program does not fit all companies. Each company wants to customize according their business rules and workflow.”

Source Code
For clients who are looking to have detailed control over their websites, EnterpriStore provides the website’s source code for future development by their company if they desire. For those who are not looking to do advanced programming themselves, there are easy-to-use features that still enable website customization.

EnterpriStore already boasts an elite clientele, working with companies whose annual turnover ranges from $15 million to $100 million. Louderback fondly remembers working with their first client, RW Smith, a well-known restaurant supply company. The business needed a website to be built completely from scratch. EnterpriStore designed a custom site integrated with Infor SX.e accounting system that streamlined RW Smith’s finances. With a responsive website and customized layout, RW Smith also saw an increase in genuine leads and sales. It’s a story they’ve replicated with many other businesses.

As EnterpriStore continues to expand, they’ll stay focused on their core deliverable values: create a great user experience, attract more visitors, and increase sales.


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James Louderback, CEO

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