EnterWorks: Powering Differentiated Consumer Experiences

Rick Chavie, CEO
How CPG Companies Can Deploy Agile Technology to Compete on Content

The immediacy and individualized nature of today’s web and mobile interactions has elevated demands on the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. A brand’s core values must now extend to a personal level and consumer product marketers must generate enriched content that is both appealing and customized to the digitally engaged customer. To compete on content, it is not enough for brands to meet basic requirements of images, descriptions, and attributes that enable effective search and provide for a rich web experience. “The secret sauce for marketers is providing content in context of the consumer’s experience. For a CIO to empower their marketing colleagues effectively, they need the right tools for creating and delivering compelling product data at the right point in the customer’s journey that is location, channel, and device aware,” remarks Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks.

Differentiated customer experiences of course, start with great products made by great brands, but product companies also require technologies that enable a parallel and centralized source for product data to be delivered to their touchpoints in the Content Value Chain. This is precisely where EnterWorks with its multi- domain master data management (MDM) solution, called Enable, helps brands overcome the barriers associated with creating, managing, and harvesting content. “Our proficiency in solving data challenges in aligning content that is specific to multiple domains (i.e., location, channel, customer and their preferences, etc.), enables CPG brands connect to consumers, whether they going direct, through retailers, or participating in marketplaces. We help our customers to master the art of delivering their ‘content in context’,” states Chavie.

The company’s quintessential MDM, PIM and digital asset management (DAM) software offered in a single platform plays a vital role in helping brands drive their business, sales, and profits through personalization. Unlike legacy MDMs that focus on synchronizing with back office systems, the EnterWorks’ Enable suite provides a holistic view of up-to-date master data that also powers demand-centric applications.
EnterWorks’ central repository of product information gives brands flexibility to personalize, collaborate, and share data seamlessly among manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and dealers that ultimately boosts sales and revenue.

In addition to such content focused capabilities, which also include rich product catalogs, pricing and promotion orchestration, and extensive enablement of search parameters and digital assets. Brands and retailers can also deploy EnterWorks sales and supplier portals that enhance the collaborative power of the CPG trading partners. Such collaboration includes support in new product introductions, content feedback, and syndications to marketplaces.

“Collaboration is also enhanced by the nature of our platform architecture which employs our Agile Data FabricTM to accelerate and extend the B2B2C exchange of data and capabilities that are specific to sub-sectors within the CPG product categories,” says Chavie. “While focused on the cloud, our MDM platform enables exceptional scalability whether in the cloud, onpremise, or in hybrid implementations.”

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, a leading musical instrument manufacturer, is one customer reaping the benefits of EnterWorks’ data management suite. The challenge was that their unique brand experience and product craftsmanship were not reaching end-consumers through traditional retail and distribution channels. Partnering with EnterWorks, Fender launched the EnterWorks PIM in just 30 days supporting a new B2C e-commerce model for presenting its brand and products directly to consumers. Today, EnterWorks’ PIM powers Fender’s new dealer portal that serves their global network of dealers in a true B2B2C network.

The future holds even brighter prospects for EnterWorks with innovative strategies to improve profit margins for brands by simplifying back-office systems. They are all set to launch storytelling, a convergence of planogramming and virtual reality with the complete product information that will allow consumers to visualize products and its information in 3D. There are also plans on the anvil to integrate AI into their platform to deliver an enhanced customer experience.


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Rick Chavie, CEO and Kerry Young, COO

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