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Antony Joseph Kitherian Xavier, Founder & CEO
Intelligence is the new currency of business, redefining the status quo that, “organizations that are quickest to leverage data, will be the first to succeed.” But for mid-size or large companies with firmly established digital processes and plenty of red tape, the prospect of digital transformation could be intimidating. Still, it is important to remember that digital transformation does not necessarily require a company-wide overhaul—with the right tools in place, like intelligent process automation (IPA), organizations can swap their time-consuming, manual processes with automation that gets smarter and more efficient with use.

With a vision to make this transition smoother, IT professional Antony Joseph Kitherian Xavier started Entoss Technologies in 2015. The company provides business process automation solutions, which help enterprises succeed in their digital transformation initiatives. From freeing up IT’s time, to empowering front-line employees, intelligent automated processes help to show their worth across the entire organization. Also, it enables businesses to feed digital transformation regardless of size by providing their IPA.

Entoss partnered with Red Hat in early 2015 to build the digital transformation platform for enterprises. With this collaboration, Entoss has enabled successful digital transformations by building the platform for automation, integration, collaboration, and business analytics. In order to develop microservices and applications that automate business decisions and processes, Entoss uses Red Hat Process Automation Manager. This suite integrates the functionalities of business process management, resource planning, event processing and rules management on a single BPM platform. Entoss also provides other Red Hat solutions such as Red Hat Fuse for integration, Red Hat Decision for intelligence and Red Hat OpenShift for flexibility, collaboration. For larger enterprise, it acts as an extended partner for the centre of excellence on implementing automation in their business.

Entoss offers unique solutions for enterprises both large and small. Since the cost of building an automation platform and time taken for the implementation process is very high, Entoss have created the Entoss Pomfret platform to overcome these circumstances, which is also said to be Intelligent Business Process as a Service (IBPaaS).

Our Entoss Pomfret platform automates the enterprises regardless of their size in order to become efficient, flexible, and intelligent to compete in the market

The platform provides “ready-to-use automated business processes instilled with intelligence” for enterprises to consume from day one, and pay for only consumed business processes “Our Entoss Pomfret platform automates the enterprises regardless of their size in order to become efficient, flexible, and intelligent to compete in the market,” says Xavier.

With business automation, Entoss Pomfret platform also offers other end-to-end processes such as travel-to-expense management (TEM), order-to-cash management, and procure-to-pay management along with comprehensive data analytics capabilities. These processes majorly help enterprises to quickly and easily customize to match their existing business processes for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

The instance that portrays Entoss’ value proposition is when the company assisted a seafood export from India which was receiving a lot of purchase orders from different locations, all as a different set of orders. Managing all the orders was a complex task for the export company. The experts at Entoss observed this situation and automated their specific order management and invoice processes, and as a result, the overall process became effortless.

Moving forward, Entoss plans to standardize and automate more processes and accordingly develop services to help clients accelerate the business process management in the digital age. Also, the company envisions implementing blockchain technology in the order-to-cash business process so that it can provide an auditing source among multiple parties for sharing documentation, communicating information, and tracking different states of transactions. Alongside, the company intends to expand its geographic footprint across the Middle East, and in the US.

Entoss Technologies


Antony Joseph Kitherian Xavier, Founder & CEO

Provides the workflow automation platform which offers solutions to automate the business processes within the companies

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