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David Wagner, President
Led by David Wagner, an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in finance and operations in the technology market, Entrust manages and protects digital identities of consumers, citizens and enterprises.

“Cyber criminals are waging an increasingly sophisticated war on digital identities—devices, people or even applications. The volume of digital identities and the number of relationships associated with each identity is increasing at an exponential rate,” cautions Wagner. “At Entrust, we leverage our unique identity-based approach across mobile, cloud, physical and logical environments to protect private enterprises and governments from the increasingly complex and sophisticated attacks of malware, fraud and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS).”

Entrust focuses on empowering customers to know who, or what, is on either ends of a transaction by providing identity-assured security. Once these organizations instill and verify trust with digital identities, they can be confident transactions are secure. Entrust’s flagship product, Entrust IdentityGuard, is a software authentication platform that enables identity-based security to safeguard access to sensitive information and intellectual property for employees, partners and customers. The software capitalizes on mobile and smartcard technology to add additional security measures to a given environment.

“Entrust IdentityGuard helps financial institutions, governments and enterprises issue, manage and authenticate identities. The solution integrates with today’s leading mobile platforms and is extensible for future requirements. Our software helps enterprises meet the desired regulatory compliance and network authentication,” says Wagner.

The company works closely with financial institutions, including the world’s 20 largest banks. Entrust provides expertise and technology that focuses on instant, central and mobile issuance solutions; mobile wallets and libraries; authentication platforms for mobile; and secure online transactions.

“More than 90 percent of the world’s financial cards are issued on our solutions, and our authentication software is used to fight fraud and safeguard more than 400 billion transactions worldwide,” says Wagner.

Entrust also engages itself in high-profile government identity programs around the world for ePassports, national IDs, driver’s licenses and other secure credentials.

In the citizen space, Entrust leverages a cost-effective platform through which businesses can broaden their security deployment, while achieving operating efficiencies and maximizing their return on investment.
This global strategy offers governments secure credential enrollment, design and issuance solutions, plus authentication platforms for secure credentials and e-government ecosystems.

In addition, Entrust serves global enterprises in telecommunications, aerospace, pharmaceutical, education, healthcare and petroleum markets.

For instance, in 2007, the Government of Chile issued a strong enforcement clause that all financial institutions must implement strong two-factor authentication to help secure electronic transfers.

As many banks scrambled to comply, 10 of the top 16 banks in the country opted for the easy-to-use and integrated Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform. The platform’s versatility and interoperability helped the banks to comply with both current and future needs, as well as evaluate the risks of the transactions.

We leverage our unique identity-based approach across mobile, cloud, physical and logical environments to protect private enterprises and governments

Having been acquired by Minnesota-based Datacard Group, Entrust aims to enhance its breadth of services and position the combined entities to strengthen identity, mobile and transaction security.

“The combined entity is planning for rapid expansion within the cloud offering, building the momentum Entrust already has in this area while expanding across Datacard Group product lines,” explains Wagner. “A number of important customers will need and benefit from our continued innovation in on-premise and hybrid offerings.”

By 2017, 30 billion devices are expected to be internet-connected, including over 10 billion mobile devices. The ecommerce sales will reach nearly $2 trillion, nearly 20 billion payments cards will be in circulation, and there will be 500 million mobile payment users.

“Toward this, we are planning to enable flexibility in deployment and robust management of the identities through our authentication and lifecycle management offerings. This will help customers embed identity within their most trusted services,” he concludes.


Dallas, TX

David Wagner, President

Entrust provides cost-effective, identity-based security solutions.