Entuity: Proactive Network Analytics for Uninterrupted Service Delivery

Stephen Woodard, President & CEO
Is my network available and performing well? Can my customers access their services? Am I meeting my compliance requirements? These are just some of the questions that keep CIOs awake at night in the digital transformation. Now at the heart of the business, it is imperative that networks run optimally–otherwise workflows will be disrupted and business performance will suffer.

With its consolidated, single solution for enterprise network management, Entuity provides the digital analytics needed to keep networks performing and visibility into issues before they impact business operations. Agility, deep expertise in network analytics and continual innovation, have positioned the Entuity team as the vendor of choice for the digital transformation.

Merging together all core network configuration management into a single product and user interface, Entuity enables improved operational efficiency, accuracy and security of network information through reduced complexity, manual labor and risk of error. An automated, service-centric approach thinks about networks in terms of workflows rather than technologies. This means Entuity closes the gap between infrastructure and elemental management, so organizations can focus on their network strategy.

To maximize network visualization, Entuity enables clients to integrate the software with industry leaders. “Integrations with BMC, Quest, ServiceNow and Oracle–just to name a few–enable industry standard compliance, change management, and optimization of devices,” comments Stephen Woodard, President and CEO of Entuity. “Our customers are broadening their BYOD and IoT strategies, and Entuity’s ability to support vendor interoperability and new devices in such a short time is a real differentiator for us.”

Providing end-to-end monitoring of network infrastructures, Entuity has seen in many cases that a customer’s traffic takes a different path to that originally thought by the network administrator. Such discrepancy is most often caused by unnoticed misconfiguration of devices but with the unrivalled Entuity SurePath network path analytics technology, administrators can proactively check that the network is doing what is intended.

As customers broaden their digital strategies, Entuity’s ability to rapidly support vendor interoperability and new devices is a real differentiator

“In almost all of the SurePath trials we’ve done, the paths taken were not as the customer had expected,” says Lee Walker, Entuity CTO. “Paths were often longer or badly routed, and in one case sensitive data was even sent offsite. One customer, who used SurePath to validate their HA/DR configuration, was surprised to see that the network was not switching correctly between primary and secondary paths during a forced failover. SurePath allowed them to quickly assess and correct the issue.”

Delivering outstanding performance and scalability to a wide range of global organizations across many industries, Entuity increases efficiency and lowers operational expenses. One such client, an internet service provider (ISP), had been running separate servers for each of their customers before engaging with Entuity. With its multi-tenancy support that distinguishes between different customers using overlapping IP addresses within the same server, Entuity eliminated the need for multiple server deployment and reduced management complexity. As a result, the ISP was able to reduce its spend by 30 percent and cut the number of servers needed from 100 down to just 10.

Striding forward, Entuity continues to innovate and enhance its holistic solution to provide powerful digital analytics for its customers. Machine learning is helping customers detect correlations and anomalies in complex data, whilst CEO Woodard emphasizes the company’s plans to build more partnerships that further strengthen and enrich clients’ network management capabilities. With an innovative and proven solution backed by its industry-leading support team, Entuity is poised for a bright future.


London, UK and Boston, MA

Stephen Woodard, President & CEO and Lee Walker, CTO

Provides network analytics to optimize business operations