Envirosuite: A Comprehensive Real-time Environmental Management Platform

Matt Scholl, General Manager, Americas
The international market for oil and gas continues to grow due to rapid urbanization and industrialization. To meet this continued growth for oil and gas, refineries are expanding production, increasingly affecting the environment and communities that live nearby. Emissions released during the refining process contain many different volatile organic compounds, including benzene, ammonia, sulfides, phenol, and hydrocarbons at different concentrations. Considering the potential risks to the environment and neighboring communities, these refineries are under immense pressure to use fenceline monitoring to measure and manage their air emissions. Envirosuite—an Australia-based company with a global presence—has developed an automated fence line monitoring platform which assists refineries in investigative and predictive emissions management. This highly engineered platform assures both environmental compliance and enhanced business performance for its clients in real time.

Envirosuite combines operational and atmospheric data, offering capabilities to enhance public health and worker safety, by providing valuable analysis in timeframes that were previously impossible. The company also helps organizations realize significant cost savings with information that supports maintenance planning and process optimization. The Envirosuite software enables refineries to monitor the potential impacts of pollutants at the perimeter of the facility. It monitors, analyzes, and reports the level of any air pollutants. Measured and predictive data are processed by the software’s models and algorithms and presented via an intuitive map-based user interface, with color codes representing threshold alert levels and automated notifications to warn operations of potential risks.

The platform also includes features that can identify the source of emissions when a high concentration is measured, or a complaint is received from an offsite community member. Envirosuite tracks and processes data continuously, enabling refinery operators to review the analysis and saving considerable time and effort.
“Our platform produces instant alerts and immediately identifies the area on site that requires attention to resolve an issue before a problem occurs or gets worse. This is in contrast to the effort involved and reputational impacts incurred by responding to an event after the damage has been done,” adds Matt Scholl, General Manager, Americas.

Drawing on the experience of over 30 years as a team of Environmental Engineers, Meteorologists, Software Developers, and Designers, Envirosuite develops its software products in-house. Most of the “intellectual property” embedded in the products is the collaborative result of the company’s science, engineering, and environmental consulting expertise. Since its inception, the company’s platform has gone through significant developments. The Envirosuite platform is today a cloud-based service, hosted within a virtual private cloud (VPC) in Amazon Web Services (AWS). It can be securely accessed from any desktop, tablet or mobile device on all internet browsers. This greatly improves the implementation time, provides scalable processing power to produce high resolution analysis and enables easy ongoing maintenance and support of the solution.

Envirosuite’s platform and solutions are not restricted to mere data collection. The company has a focus on turning data into actionable insights. They present data in such a way that refineries can quickly access and act on it. Envirosuite has the potential to capture, store, and analyze real-time data to automatically track risks to an operation and when combined with its forecasting abilities, enables facility operators to stay informed and well ahead of potential risks that could severely impact the facility and its neighbors.

With the introduction of these new and innovative capabilities, which are based on scientific and technological excellence, Envirosuite is fast expanding into the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The management has been focused on acquiring these markets for the last 18 months, where it has assisted clients to determine the benefits that they can achieve from these new techniques. As it continues to develop and evolve, the company aims to acquire many new customers around the globe and continue to expand internationally.


Brisbane, Australia

Matt Scholl, General Manager, Americas

Provides the most comprehensive and intuitive real-time monitoring, investigative and predictive environmental management platform in the world