EPI-USE Labs: Software Testing Solutions Focused Around SAP

Phillip Stofberg, CEO
Software testing has provided businesses with substantial results in providing an efficient software development process. However, the traditional software testing methods have succumbed to data privacy threats and functional complexities, along with the increased cost of software testing and verification. The new trend of automation has brought in a change in this landscape; the test data automation tools have simplified the testing process of intricate and complex regression testing. Automated test data provisioning and recording of information can overcome the difficulties in cross-system business process transactions. These emerging developments have been incorporated into the solutions of EPI-USE Labs through the SAP test data automation products provided by them.

The Data Sync Manager Product suite (DSM) from EPI-USE Labs is composed of Object Sync, Data Secure, Client Sync and System Builder modules. Data Sync Manager is based on EPI-USE Labs unique intellectual property that defines the SAP business object model in a central metadata repository for over 1,500 SAP business processes.

‘Object Sync’ enables business analysts to provision test data directly from a production system to a test system while masking within seconds and maintains the integrity of the complex SAP data model. “Object Sync does not require system refresh as the ongoing method can be automated by API. Moreover, clients can even copy data, apply changes, and compare results,” affirms Phillip Stofberg, CEO of EPI-USE Labs.

‘Client Sync’ enables infrastructure teams to provision a new Quality Assurance (QA) system or refresh that system directly from Production by only copying a subset of the historical transaction data. It does so in a consistent way and delivers quality test data to the target system in record time.

‘Data Secure’, another component of the product suite, allows cross system data masking of the SAP test data, in addition to dynamically masking data provisioned on-demand with ‘Object Sync’.
“The firm’s best-in-class technology can mask very large volumes of data for improved data performance and lower downtime of the SAP systems,” claims Stofberg.

The solutions provided by EPI-USE Labs are based on a single code-base to ensure clients have effortless service and are implemented in partnership with distinguished firms like Edenhouse, Intelligence, and Winterhawk Consulting. “We differentiate from our competitors for shipping content to the client in an automated manner, integrating all business object definitions across systems with SAP objects defined in them,” says Stofberg.

The firm’s DSM solutions were put to use by a large telecommunication company to apply SAP support packages into their production landscape. Previously, the telecommunication firm took three months to perform regression testing and had to run manual test scripts. With EPI-USE Labs’ software the firm could copy data, apply changes, run processes simultaneously on two systems and even compare results within a single day-span. This automated solution saved the firm huge time and expense.

Object Sync does not require system refresh as the ongoing method can be automated by API. Moreover, clients can copy data, apply changes, and compare results

The firm offers ‘Testing-as–a– Service’ and ‘Sync-to-the-Cloud’ solutions for more flexible test data management and higher ROI. “We desire to move beyond SAP, and expand software solutions into application management service space enabling automation into Intellectual Property (IP) testing,” concludes Stofberg in explaining the future direction.


Atlanta, GA

Phillip Stofberg, CEO

Offers SAP test data automation solutions that maintains the integrity of the cross-system business process data