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Ravi R, The founder and CEO
Productivity is essential to success, and yet many organizationslackthe capacity to optimize it. One method is to implement an IT-driven process that identifies, analyzes, and improves existing business process operations. Epiance Software, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions accomplishes this by helping companies manage their IT driven business process transformations successfullyvia a scientific approach to Process study, discovery and thereafter automation. As Ravi Ramamurthy, founder and CEO of Epiance states, “We are a business process science company that is able to give superior and very quick process insights that can be turned into action through our patented technology.” Epiance delivers data-driven digital transformation tools that leverage a combination of technologies such as computer vision, AI and imitation learning. Organizations can use these tools to obtain a detailed representation of their business by simply observing the workforce. This helps them lower the cost and efforts required to document business processes and provide the insights necessary to pinpoint, design, and optimize all of theirprocess transformation initiatives.

Epiance understands that customers who want to automate their processes face several unique challenges. For instance, some start without having any process maps or process documents about the processes at all, while some have high level, almost cartoonish, version of their processes in the process documents and maps that they have. Understanding and mapping out the exact AS-IS scenario from the high level to the keystroke level is critical to the success of process automation. Epiance’s solutions address these issues by cutting down the time required to discover & document processes from the keystroke level and also convert it into RPA code for most automation vendors.

As organizations require a sophisticated tool to automate extremely challenging processes, Epiance offers clients their flagship Epiplex 500 solution which can be used for multiple use cases, including process discovery, process documentation, task mining, RPA code generation, knowledge management, and workforce performance tracking & optimization. Epiplex 500 delivers multi-pronged benefits that enable the clients to deal with the intricacies of several business processes. For example, the solution can automatically capture business processes, a task typically executed by subject matter experts, end-users, agents, or advisors. Subsequently, the solution also converts these captured processes into a range of documents like SOPs/ PDD’s, RPA code, interactive process simulations etc.

We are a business process science company that turns process insights into action through our patented technology

Companies can use these materials for educating anyoneon the AS-IS processes or the best practices they define for the end-users. Companies also can access the productivity and process compliance of the end-users who are performing the processes. It is worth mentioning that Epiance keeps data security on top of its agenda. No data goes out of the organization and even within the organization there are a host of auto data redaction options available.

Needless to say, Epiance helps many clients reduce the RPA time to value by 50%, time taken to migrate large and complicated processes by over 40 percent owing to their robust process science solution. Ravi recalls one such instance when the accountant from the general department of Malaysia approached them to implement a new accounting system using SAP. The client was targeting around 60,000 end users spread across their multiple geographical locations. After thorough market research, the client decided to go ahead with the company’s Epiplex 500, which provided them with numerous capabilities, including process capture, HTML5 based simulation, SOP documents, and more. “Epiplex solution had helped us greatly in building an efficient end-user base training and support solution in record time,” said the happy customer. As the solution came with comprehensive features and functionalities and offered maximum ease of use, quick content generation, and efficient customer support, the client was delighted with the experience.

Such success stories stem from Epiance’s technological capabilities in process automation. With many successful implementations, the company plans to expand its footprint to new markets and become a leader in the process insights space. “In fact, many of our clients say that we are way ahead of the competition,” mentions Ravi. That been said, the company keeps innovating to create disruptive technologies in robotic process automation area and corner the market in the days to come.

Epiance Software

Bangalore, India

Ravi R, The founder and CEO

Epiance Software, a leading provider of enterprise software, helps businesses manage their IT driven Business Process Transformations effectively through a scientific approach to process study and automation

Epiance Software