Episerver: Next-Generation Web Content Management Solutions

Mark Duffell, President & CEO
In today’s highly competitive environment, to attract visitors, marketers are increasingly focused on content as the key to create targeted, personalized digital experiences. Accordingly, web content management systems need to provide ways for contributors to better understand how well their content is performing. However, a website might have numerous viewers, but without attracting the right kind of traffic and the visitors don’t often result in conversions. Nashua, NH-based Episerver has designed software, allowing editors and marketers to both create and experience content simultaneously and observe the way audiences will see the content. The company delivers powerful web content management software that is easy to deploy, integrate and use.

Providing a combination of uncomplicated user interface (UI), Episerver develops powerful tools for marketing content to empower business users for speedy and targeted execution. “We facilitate organizations to create content directly on-page and see their experiences come alive, just as any visitor would,” begins Mark Duffell, President and CEO, Episerver. The company’s product, Experience Editor helps organizations to effortlessly create self-optimizing landing pages with their choice of layout, while adhering to brand guidelines. The solution also helps users to personalize their landing pages, and organizations can use A/B or multivariate testing to understand what is driving conversions. Alongside these benefits, Experience Editor enables editors and managers to interact with all types of content in a consistent and spontaneous way. Organizations can drag and drop blocks, media, videos, forms, or pages onto a preferred location and can automatically snap into place.

In addition, Episerver’s platform Mobile Web empowers organizations by making content automatically available for mobile, desktop and tablet users, facilitating visitors to have a complete mobile experience with the same core functionality as desktop users. Meanwhile, using Episerver’s Enterprise Search, a guided navigation, visitors in a few clicks can drill down to discover the content, without maintaining a complex content tree.

We facilitate organizations to create content directly on-page and see their experiences come alive, just as any visitor would

Sitting at the center of the digital experience ecosystem, the company empowers enterprises to deliver standout web content management experiences. In one such instance, owing to the highly competitive casual dining market, Pizza Hut Restaurants needed to use digital as the primary outlet to connect with their customers. Episerver’s partner Amaze was tasked with delivering a completely fresh online experience with a unique personalized feel, which both supported the client’s business needs and provided consumers an enhanced experience. The new website, built on the Episerver 7 CMS, provided Pizza Hut Restaurants’ users with the accurate information at the correct time and in the right place. This new site also enabled the chain of restaurants to fully coordinate their systems with a new booking engine, send in-store information directly to the site, allowing customers to interact with both the brand and the site, on a completely new level. “The new website acts as our digital flagship restaurant to support our business needs. It has captured the very essence of our approach to casual dining and translated the importance of locality into a clever and very personal user journey,” explains Kathryn Austin, Marketing Director of Pizza Hut Restaurants.

Episerver has the ability to create high-quality content that attracts, engages, retains and converts visitors into customers, which is an important objective for every website. Driven by innovation and thought leadership, the company plans on delivering more rewarding, optimized and contextual content management experiences to increase conversions, page views and engagement.


Nashua, NH

Mark Duffell, President & CEO

Enables editors and marketers to create and experience content simultaneously through the web content management systems.