EPM Music: One-Stop-Shop forDigital Distribution, Rights Management, and Promotion

Oliver Way, Co-owner and Head of the rights management department and Jonas Stone, Co-owner
A next-generation digital distribu¬tion firm, EPM Music is ideally positioned to help musicians and music labels gain greater exposure on various global digital platforms. The com¬pany has developed a robust tech-enabled delivery system that allows for offering top-notch distribution services, making it a go-to digital distributor and aggregator for a broad clientele.

Having gained extensive experience working with numerous clients since 2003, EPM Music has identified a huge gap between the new revenue stream of digital income and the way collection agencies operate. The rapid escalation of online music consumption has made it difficult for artists to gather and deliver accurate sales information to collection agencies. This has undeniably snowballed into a headache for most clients, and that’s where EPM Music expanded its service portfolio to incorporate rights management services.

“Being able to efficiently collect and deliver data, our in-house digital platform bridges the gap between artists and collection agencies, ensuring a seamless experience for all,” states Jonas Stone, co-owner of EPM Music.

Today, EPM Music is known for its one-stop-shop solution, delivering rights management, digital distribution, and music promotion all under one roof. Once artists or labels submit a release to its platform with all the necessary information on their new song, the delivery system directly distributes it worldwide. The company also negotiates the best deals with stores and streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music, helping artists get the most out of their creations.

"We Always Put Our Best Foot Forward To Assist Them In Generating Revenue From Previous Releases And Old Records"

EPM Music’s all-in-one platform pitches new music tracks to these streaming platforms for playlist promotion. Here, the company typically takes a two-pronged approach: it pitches for editorial playlists in advance and then just before the release, it approaches independent curators who maintain their playlists for meaningful promotion. The company can also leverage its solution to promote new music releases via radio, club, and DJ promotions and provide clients with all the necessary tools to self-promote their creations. With its active involvement in all touch points of music distribution, EPM Music holds a comprehensive dataset on sales, which clients can readily access through the online portal.

Like its distribution and promotion capabilities, EPM Music’s excellence in rights management is also the best. It provides unrivaled rights management services, ensuring that all accessible client information is delivered to their PROs.
In addition, on identifying any incorrect data, the platform allows for updating it on both the company’s system and PRO records at the same time. As a result, each stakeholder gets the royalties and recognition they deserve from sales and online streaming.

The EPM Music platform is also instrumental in helping stakeholders associated with budding musicians and labels secure their recognition and revenue. By collaborating with AUDOO, a company offering audio fingerprinting and Aslice, a firm gathering artist setlists from DJs, it helps clients provide setlists with accurate data to point-of-sale (POS) in large company clubs. This assists copyright societies like BMI and ASCAP in ensuring that the money received from those POS is distributed fairly to all stakeholders.

We offer a portal that records client sales and streaming data, bridging the information gap between artists and collection agencies and supporting customers in increasing income

“Our goal is to provide artists with the best monetary gains,” says Stone. “We always put our best foot forward to assist them in generating revenue from previous releases and old records.”

To this end, team EPM Music offers all necessary assistance to create compilations and remixes. The company also helps distribute and promote these creations on radio and streaming platforms, allowing artists to revitalize their music catalogs and earn money. In addition, through its portal for vinyl distributors, the company enables them to provide digital services to clients. Labels can upload their releases to the distributor’s portal, where the content will be whitelisted with the distributor logo, helping labels gain tax benefits.

EPM Music also takes the lead in eliminating music piracy by assisting copyright holders in protecting their music. It collaborates with YouTube and SoundCloud, where clients can monetize their works and provide creative licenses to viewers, enabling them to prevent music duplication.

In essence, EPM Music’s approach to leveraging technology and the experience of its industry experts enables the firm to provide a more efficient and personalized experience to its ever-expanding roster of labels and artists. Furthermore, its strong relationships with online stores and streaming services assist clients in the optimum distribution of their music.

EPM Music

London, GB

Oliver Way, Co-owner and Head of the rights management department and Jonas Stone, Co-owner

Leveraging top industry experts, EPM Music serves as a one-stop shop for artists and music labels, assisting them with digital distribution, rights management, and music promotion. They offer an in-house digital system—a portal that tracks sales and streaming data for clients, bridging the information gap between artists and collection agencies and assisting clients in maximizing revenue.

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