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Chris Gallagher, Senior Vice President and National Director
Enterprises depend on cutting-edge analytics and predictive coding tools to extract worthy insights and meaning from volumes of unstructured data. Manual review of this information is the equivalent of trying to find a particular grain of sand in a desert. Data is constantly expanding and sometimes it is hard to know exactly what you are looking for. “There are a number of steps involved with identifying, gathering, searching, and reviewing information in an attempt to weed out the non-relevant and focus on what’s important,” adds Christopher Gallagher, SVP-Global Operations, eQ. To address the challenge of sorting this unprecedented boom in data, Discovery Solutions provider, eQ, offers end-to-end Discovery, Managed and Consulting Services for matters ranging from early case assessment, litigation, government and investigations, and compliance.

The company’s end-to-end solutions allow for an uninterrupted workflow, leading directly to increased efficiency and cost savings. As part of the Adecco Group, a public company with locations across the globe, eQ’s data centers and technical infrastructure utilizes shared resources, which adds to eQ’s security. “Being part of Adecco with markets in almost 70 countries allows us to extend our services virtually anywhere in the world,” comments Gallagher. Cost and risk are both reduced drastically through the utilization of existing frameworks and stringent globally adopted corporate security standards. eQ allows for the derivation of intelligent insight from extensive information stores and utilizes the most advanced technology to assist an organization with uncovering patterns in communication.

Each engagement utilizes the appropriate mix of predictive coding, email threading, concept clustering, attorneys, and expert technologists to improve workflow and reduce costs. eQ realizes that cost savings and effective data management begins well before any litigation or investigatory matter. As such, the company offers assistance with Information Governance policies, audit and creation, implementing document retention and destruction schedules, program monitoring, and employee training.

Being part of Adecco with markets in almost 70 countries allows us to extend our services virtually anywhere in the world

Litigation services of eQ extend to on-site identification, collection, and handling of sensitive data by forensic examiners, as well as processing, review, and hosting of data.

To further ensure the most cost effective data analytics project, Special Counsel employs a team of almost 50 project managers, each with almost a decade of experience running projects in various practice areas including: banking, FRCP, Oil &Gas, M&A, and second requests. Also offered, are Legal Process Outsourcing services that can assist with structuring a US or EU-based outsourced management program. Whether you are looking for a short-term RE lease review or a long-term outsourcing of an internal legal-based function, they have fifteen locations across the US and UK that house both temporary as well as full-time attorneys.

Linking locations together is made possible through a combination of video and proprietary SiteManager software that allows for observing day-to-day operations in real time. Every mouse click, search, or opened document can be recorded and seen in real time by management, allowing for immediate feedback and contemporaneous QC of all work.

Twice a year, leaders and clients of eQ assemble to map a prospective future for the company. In January, it was decided that the logical next step for the services was eastern expansion. “We are excited about opening our London Managed Review center this summer. We heard our clients loud and clear and are pleased to offer another location for which to conduct EU-based review. The location will offer attorneys fluent in more than a dozen languages,” concludes Gallagher.

eQ eDiscovery Solutions

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Chris Gallagher, Senior Vice President and National Director

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