Equature: Interactive Response Strengthens Emergency Preparedness

Joe Mosed, CEO
Public safety agencies today are tasked to continually improve first responder situational awareness and citizen satisfaction. Today’s current operational models involve first responders using post emergency video footage captured on proprietary body worn cameras that are then relayed to command and control centers after events have been completed to assess strategic deployment of available resources for future public safety needs.

Joe Mosed, a seasoned entrepreneur, sought to transform the situation by using real-time body-worn computer cameras that mashed all the features into a mobile app, allowing police forces to take pictures, videos, record interactions, and live-stream real-time to the commanding control as emergencies happen. This vision marked the inception of Equature, a leading technology firm committed to crafting path-breaking technological solutions to strengthen the emergency preparedness of public safety agencies. “We are strongly focused on public safety which drives the rest of the economy forward,” states Mosed, CEO, Equature.

Equature’s core strength emanates from an integrated Interactive Response Management system for public safety, coupled with support for data capture and analytics. First responders can leverage the all-inclusive solution to live-stream the events from active scenes directly to command centers through an app installed on ruggedized mobile devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. Equature’s Capture Suite, embedded within the platform, is a feature that collates information from audio and video from radio systems, 911 systems, telephones, mobile devices, GPS location systems, and text messages. Equature’s integrated analytics functionality detects and scrutinizes words and phrases in audio files, in addition to automatically identifying objects in videos to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Meanwhile, the Team Suite supports the creation of forms, questionnaires, and reports to allocate performance-based scores to first responder teams to identify the need for additional training. All the modules are available to clients as an integrated package or “à la carte.”

We are strongly focused on public safety which drives the rest of the economy forward

Mosed mentions that the platform gives a distinct business advantage to Equature with regard to supporting clients. “We do not sunset our applications but continually update them and ensure backward compatibility,” says Mosed. A bi-annual audit for quality assessment and a 100 percent money back guarantee in the event of clients not being satisfied with the Interactive Response Management system and services is an integral part of Equature’s customer service program. Furthermore, Equature supports research-enabled services on technology trends, open architecture solutions purchased by clients, and their compliance with industry standards. “We support on-demand learning through videos, interactive quizzes, PDFs, and even free webinars, all accessible through mobile devices and desktop/ laptop systems,” states Mosed.

The value offered by Equature has had some of the biggest names like NASA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection as well as 1,500 emergency 911 call locations leveraging its solutions to manage their emergency situations in real-time. Equature’s operations also extend to other parts of the world, covering countries such as Canada, Mexico, Italy, and Japan, where the company works at the national and state levels to fortify the local government’s capabilities to handle emergencies.

Having garnered immense appreciation from clients, Equature is gearing up to enrich its Interactive Response Management system with advanced features based on predictive analytics to strengthen the policing system. “Reducing crime and enhancing safety is our foremost priority,” concludes Mosed.


Southfield, MI

Joe Mosed, CEO

Provides an Interactive Response Management system for streamlining public safety operations