ERA Environmental Management Solutions: Unique Tool for Environmental and EHS Compliance

Sarah Sajedi, CEO & CTO
Today, the chemical industry is committed to playing an important role in bringing about significant environmental improvements and positive societal change. The chemical arena is one of the most regulated of all industries, with directives regarding chemical products and their emission rates during manufacturing processes. Towards this, organizations require a solution that aims at informing them about their products’ emission rates alongside immaculate record keeping of the diverse chemical products while complying with various regulations like Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS); and those of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). “Companies in the chemical industry require a scientific approach to analyze their data. Our solution is built by the best chemists and toxicologists, updated by constant interactions with our clients and incorporating the learnings about their issues,” says Sarah Sajedi, CEO and CTO of ERA Environmental Management Solutions. “We carry out the detailed studies on a firm's chemical processes to accurately report their critical hazardous emissions.” From air, water and waste emissions and compliance management, to external and internal reporting and auditing, ERA Environmental has been the one stop shop for firms looking forward to take control of their environmental compliance issues.

According to Sarah, ERA’s platform assists firms in perfecting their chemical engineering process and studies the regulatory processes—the emission calculations based on mass balance. The company’s Environmental, Health and Safety Software is an all-in one toolset that automates environmental regulatory reporting, manages health and safety incidents with assistance in internal implementation by the best environmental experts. “For an organization, gathering the required product data can create major supply chain impacts, as the correct data can help businesses identify problem areas beforehand to alleviate damage, which would otherwise cost clients their customers and revenue,” she states. “We help our clients in getting the data needed through our unique vendor partnership program and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring and management software that gathers precise chemical data direct from the vendors—including AkzoNobel, Sherwin Williams, and DuPont—who upload the latest SDS information for the products.” The company’s SDS software uses its own Master Chemical List, containing over 120,000 chemicals with up-to-date physical properties, hazards, and chemical regulatory information.

We help our clients in getting the data needed through our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring and management software that gathers precise chemical data direct from the vendors

The Master Chemical List is carefully curated by the ERA team of environmental researchers and chemists, and is cross-checked against chemical lists from at least five regulatory bodies.

Since 1995, ERA has been providing environmental management software solutions to hundreds of businesses ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan. An example illustrating the company’s in-depth expertise in chemical technology is that of a Texas petrochemical business who faced two specific operational challenges—difficulty knowing and recording the chemical components of the materials being refined on site, and incident reporting and chemical product tracking for hundreds of tanks across many facilities. ERA took a two-tier approach in developing a solution—the first step was to work closely with the client and refine their chemical data. The second was to implement ERA’s automated Business Process Management tool to streamline and dramatically improve reporting of chemical and operational data and incidents occurring. This resulted in the client spending 80 percent less time working with data across nearly 100 sites and applying their new insights to reduce operational costs.

ERA's regulatory research team ensures that the Environmental Risk Assessment-Environmental Management Systems is always up to date with regulatory changes and informs clients about the required updates, providing hassle free customer service, environmental reporting expertise, and protecting their business. “Our emphasis is on the quality and accuracy of data, not losing sight of the main objective of helping clients and maintaining our product excellence,” concludes Sarah.

ERA Environmental Management Solutions

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Sarah Sajedi, CEO & CTO

ERA’s suite of tools with regulatory tracking and reporting capabilities help industry comply with environmental regulations

ERA Environmental Management Solutions