Eracent: Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) Solutions

Walt Szablowski, Founder & Executive Chairman
As Eracent’s Chairman, Walt Szablowski, stated: “It’s all about the money. Software and IT asset spending represents a large portion of a modern organization’s budget. Funds misspent on software and hardware are taken directly from the bottom line, this affects stock price and corporate value. A corporation cannot compete in today’s market without a sophisticated SAM/EAM process in place and functioning.”

Managing IT assets is a complex task. Managing them without an automated solution is impossible. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions require contract management that addresses the unique requirements of corporate software and hardware. No other corporate asset purchase contract is as complex as today’s software agreements. The range of contract types and operating options result in the real possibility of misspending millions of dollars. The price of a single database server license can vary from under $15,000 to over $3,000,000 for the exact same application - simply based on selecting available options and utilizing available platforms. Managing thousands of such licenses requires sophistication.

Eracent helps manage IT assets through a complete lifecycle management solution. “ITMC™ Lifecycle enables organizations to track the physical, contractual, financial, and relational aspects of the complete asset base,” explains Szablowski. ITMC™ Lifecycle provides a system of record that is the foundation for ITAM, ITSM and SAM processes, and helps ensure optimal use of every IT asset in the organization from planning and acquisition to retirement.

Eracent has specialized in ITAM solutions for over 17 years. Eracent pioneered automated EAM discovery in 1997 on the world’s largest and most diverse IT networks at the time, so scalability has never been an issue. Eracent products are currently used by many of the largest global IT organizations.

The company specializes in helping customers manage their licenses. “For effective software licensing, the data has to be extremely accurate, precise and complete”, says Szablowski.
“Meaning- Based ITAM™ enables organizations to manage all aspects of their IT networks by providing an accurate and complete real-time database.” Accurately discovering and tracking installed software versions, hardware configuration details, virtual guests and hosts, installed options, licensing conditions, and cloud options enables customers to manage their licenses within the boundaries of their agreements and optimize spending.

ITMC TM Lifecycle enables organizations to track the physical, contractual, financial, and relational aspects of the complete asset base

To maximize the benefits of ITAM and minimize costs, Eracent‘s ITMC solution offers the automated functionality required to support an effective Software License Optimization and Rationalization (SOAR™) program. SOAR™ is a process-based program that delivers a structured methodology for cost optimization throughout the software lifecycle, and is unique to Eracent.

Eracent added a new dimension to EAM through its IT-Pedia™—a comprehensive SKU-based library with details about millions of IT products. The IT-Pedia™ enables customers to easily build robust, consistent catalogs and to link their physical and process data to discovered information. These result in an accurate and manageable summary of all software, hardware and components that comprise the network.

The company aspires to consistently discover and manage more data, with faster processing, real-time collection, and creative visualization. “We are developing advanced multi-dimensional dashboards that offer at-a-glance views of discovery and utilization data, and we’re always evaluating how we can incorporate that data into automated process management,” says Szablowski.


Ottsville, PA

Walt Szablowski, Founder & Executive Chairman

Provider of comprehensive IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management solutions that enable optimization of the IT asset base and significant savings through Meaning-Based ITAM solutions.