Ericom Software: Simplifying BYOD, Enhancing Enterprise Productivity

Joshua Behar, President & CEO
The acceleration in BYOD adoption today can be attributed to the continual upgrades in mobile technologies coupled with the mobile workforce’s need for constant connectivity even when physically away from the office. By allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices for work, organizations can increase employee satisfaction and productivity in addition to reducing hardware and mobile device support costs. Although an enterprise’s BYOD goals may vary based on their size and immediate requirements, a basic BYOD implementation helps them minimize IT hassles and decreases desk support load. Closter, NJ-based Ericom Software specializes in providing centrally managed device connectivity and access management solutions for enterprises to mobilize their workforce and provide clientless accelerated access. Ericom’s expertise spanning over two decades has enabled their customers with access to enterprise mission-critical applications running on a broad range of Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops, legacy hosts and other systems.

Ericom’s remote application and desktop access solution, Ericom Connect leverages advanced grid technology and robust connection brokering to offer enterprise-grade hyper-scalability and ultimate user experience to its customers. The solution integrates seamlessly with existing IT environments thereby negating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. Cloud-ready Connect offers the customers’ IT staff with a unified management user interface, default browser-based access, and hassle-free administrative management options. The additional benefits of implementing Connect include mitigated productivity interruptions, tracking and simulation of usage sessions, and simultaneous handling of Windows and Linux workloads. The multi-tenant ready solution offers a single scalable installation to deploy, configure and maintain multiple private Ericom Connect tenant environments.

With a growing range of end-user devices in the market, there is a pressing need for greater control in handling BYOD. Ericom AccessNow features prominently in Ericom’s portfolio of flexible BYOD solutions, providing customers with access to Windows Applications and desktops from the comfort of any HTML5-compatible browser or device, including the Chromebooks. The solution leverages the advanced features of HTML5 to turn any HTML5-compatible browser or device into an enhanced RDP (Remote Desk Protocol) client.

Ericom AccessNow leverages proven best practices to provide a mixed environment support to enable workload moderation while enhancing operational planning and efficiency

The customers can instantly connect to Windows desktops and applications from iPad, iPhones, Android devices, computers running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, and even from locked-down work stations without installing Flash, Java or any other software on the end-user device. “Ericom AccessNow leverages proven best practices to provide a mixed environment support to enable workload moderation while enhancing operational planning and efficiency,” adds Joshua Behar, President and CEO of Ericom Software.

Many of the enterprises today may want to implement BYOD for their entire workforce while others may want to limit it to a certain section of employees— field/sales people, third party consultants, independent agents. Ericom’s RDP client- AccessToGo solution simplifies access management for multiple mobile devices from inside or outside the office, making the task foolproof and easy for the IT administrators. The solution regulates the remote access by providing secure and on-demand access to terminal servers, desktops or workstations. With a comprehensive product range and offices in the U.S., U.K. and EMEA, Ericom has a vast network of distributors and partners spread across geographies with a customer base that runs into millions. As a part of a recent collaborative effort, ASUS, a global technology enabler has bundled Ericom’s AccessNow software with its existing enterprise solutions available on Chromebooks, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. “Bundling ASUS devices with Ericom’s software benefits both SMB and very large enterprise customers by providing a solution that is both easy to set up and easy to use for any device running any Windows-based application,” delineates Behar.

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Joshua Behar, President & CEO

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