Ericsson-LG: Shaping Communication System with Robust Solutions

CIO VendorJR (Jae Ryung) Lee, CEO
The era of digitization is enrolled by data in every sector. This is very prominent in the contact center industry, which processes and scrutinizes arrays of data to serve thousands of customers relentlessly. In this rapid procedure, plying the relevant information poses a challenge to contact center agents. That’s where the existence of Ericsson-LG makes the difference. The firm’s connectivity solutions are built to eliminate arbitrary obstacles that block the information flow among customers and partners. From the smallest businesses to the largest, customers rely on Ericsson-LG's comprehensive portfolio to create opportunities to do more with their business.

Ericsson-LG bases the suite of their solutions on iPECS Contact Center Suite, a multi-channel Contact Center solutions package for companies of all sizes. The comprehensive, all-in-one solution provides seamless connections for a client’s smart customer services. Incorporated with multiple functionalities, it enables the customers to manage enquiries, generate reports, hot desking, individual call routing and automatic call recording. In addition it has built in voicemail, multi language auto attendant, email notification of voicemail and more. The modules can be customized as per the customer’s requirement and business objectives. With organizations reaching out to social media to extend their customer base, the iPECS CCS includes the functionality to integrate with social media platforms. It also provides a Record module–a powerful and flexible Voice Recording Solution with optional integration to desktop applications such as Outlook or Customer Relationship Management System or Database. The reporting needs are taken care by iPECS CCS Report business reporting module that delivers historic and current information on companies’ business communications, supporting better analysis and decision making. With a crate of full-fledged functionalities, this application can be customized more reliably.

The iPECS CCS, an evident product of contact center helps in managing customers trying to contact from multiple platforms.
Especially, this module functions well with the iPECS CCS Call that revolutionizes outbound tele-marketing and reveals more transparency in call centers. For instance, a debit and credit management company was in search of a solution to improve the efficiency of the employees. The client installed iPECS CCS application to measure the agents’ performance and the duration taken to solve the query. With the available database, Ericsson-LG designed the new system by integrating the information and accomplished the entire installation process smoothly. Notably, the efficiency of the employees at credit contact center improved and the client roped in more subordinates to execute operations. They also witnessed massive cost reduction after implementing the solution.

Ericsson-LG carries out huge investments in research and development, which stands as a pillar of their success. “We are committed to providing our customers the tools and information they need to help them manage their businesses better and improve productivity and efficiency in their business,” states Ahed Alkhatib, Head of International Sales Dept, Ericsson-LG.

We desire to eradicate the barriers involved in hindering the communication path through our robust solutions in order to bring about a transparency in the channels

Ericsson-LG envisions major opportunities in the near future through the combination of innovative plans and networking strategy. “We as a telecommunication solution provider desire to eradicate the barriers involved in hindering the communication path and bring about a transparent connectivity in the channels”, he concludes. Adding to that, a more robust solution is on the cards for Ericsson-LG by working in depth on IP telephones to address the challenges of contact center.


Anyang, Korea

JR (Jae Ryung) Lee, CEO

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