Erkios Systems: Protecting Critical Infrastructures against Insider Threats

Philip Vanderstraeten, COO
Even the widespread awareness of security risks in organizations with critical infrastructure doesn’t prepare them to face insider attacks, a phenomenon that is steadily on the rise in current times. With the likes of NASA being exploited by cyber criminals, enterprises have no option but to step up the security measures and secure their systems against possible threats. As companies use software solutions to enhance their security posture in an attempt to safeguard their infrastructure from external as well as insider threats, the specific nature of these solutions limit their usage. “Software solutions are not as effective across a wide range of devices, while physical protection is limited to tamper tape or plastic locks, both of which can be effectively circumnavigated,” informs Philip Vanderstraeten, COO of Erkios Systems. Thus, there remains a need for a device that suits organizations across industries, irrespective of the software used. Erkios Systems fulfills this market demand with its FortiFi RJ- 45, a hardware-based solution to protect clients’ critical infrastructure from the inside out by securing used and unused Ethernet ports.

FortiFi RJ-45 secures critical infrastructures of organizations in the face of increasing insider attacks across industries, with a staggering 59 percent of such occurrences having been observed in the past year alone. “It is necessary to look into insider data threats and identify people who can manipulate and change information without authorization,” informs Vanderstraeten. Erkios’s solution focuses on bringing enhanced physical access control to critical infrastructure. It stands tall with its ability to provide an effective means to alert or prevent potential security breaches. The protection ensured by FortiFi’s physical layer creates an ecosystem of port-level hardware to collect data wirelessly and monitor the organizational infrastructure, staff, vendors, contractors, and the like and reflects results in real time on a database-driven dashboard.

The FortiFi security ecosystem comprises IoT devices with components to identify motion, temperature, and interactions with the surroundings. The devices are clamped on cables to prevent the possibility of tampering, manipulating, or overwriting existing information, which is collected and assessed at designated end-points.

It is necessary to look into insider data threats and identify people with access to manipulate and change information without authorization

The tamper-proof FortiFi solution prevents the physical removal of cables or opening of ports by unauthorized staff, while its alerting system emits distinct audio notifications within seconds of being touched. In addition, the FortiFi hardware maintains records of device manipulation attempts, which can be used when required. The solution distinguishes between people who need access to hardware and other critical infrastructure and those who don’t. It effectively separates the duties for people requiring communication port access and enhances device accountability. While doing so, it prevents unauthorized access at port level.

The real-time FortiFi security ecosystem works by recording day-to-day information and replaces the previously time-taking and expensive manual inspection of end-points. Each end-point has a one-mile line-of-sight range that ensures secure communication and radio alerts across IoT sensors and devices, while the data sent from access points and end-points is effectively recorded and can be produced when needed. The rule-based functioning of the network makes it easier to trace suspicious activity and take immediate action. In addition to securing systems, Erkios Systems allows clients to track occurrences and trace records in real time by providing a user-friendly dashboard. In the face of threats, the dashboard proves beneficial by sending out immediate alerts to draw user attention to the rising concern.

The FortiFi product currently caters to RJ-45 and USB Type-A ports, using DB9/COM ports as other port factors. Over time, the company aims to retain its laser focus on insider threats while continuing to expand its product portfolio so that more people can benefit from it.

Erkios Systems

Kansas City, MO

Philip Vanderstraeten, COO

ERKIOS SYSTEMS provides solutions for the organization's networking device is a vulnerability. The company was founded to bring innovation to the information security world so the data can be protected. Erkios Systems has developed a concept that will protect ports physically on a critical infrastructure device while providing auditing capabilities through the logging, monitoring, and alerting functions of the design. The product is unique from the competition because it allows for both physical and logical security while maintaining the ability to audit the access of used and unused ports on a system

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