ERNESTO OLIVARES VISUAL INFORMATION: Customizing Infographic Tools for Data Visualization

Ernesto Olivares, CEO
One of the biggest challenges is to break the paradigm—having a large amount of data will answer all our information needs,” apprises Ernesto Olivares, CEO, Ernesto Olivares Visual Information. Data is better comprehended when it is in the form visual representations as opposed to reading numbers in row and columns of a spreadsheet. In the present times, infographics is used for mass and visual communication, to analyze growth, sales, and gauge the characteristic of customers that are using various services. Companies utilize data logs which are created for apprehending time, device, geographic location and other information to drive a business. But, the need for the hour is a system that can effortlessly capture relevant information and enable assembling of robust applications such as Tableau to embrace the ongoing data visualization trends. Ernesto Olivares Visual Information (EOVI) with the help of JavaScript libraries like JQuery, Angular, Data-Driven Documents (D3), Kendo and Google Charts, is delivering solutions and tools thatare focused on the user experience to aid decision making.

The company customizes infographics tools to transmit large chunks of information and virtualize them. Additionally, EOVI provides different solutions for Interactive Infographics, wherein they use animated form of infographics and combine it with the users’ information to develop a web product that allows audience engagement with marketing tools like action buttons, surveys, and purchasing processes.

The company also creates mobile apps and designs websites by using visual elements and infographics to explain processes and systems. With the help of infography, they build content that is digitally potent for social network sites. “The services that our company offers undergo a complex review process before being offered to the clients,” remarks Olivares. Along with a group of talented professional developer team, EOVI positions relevant information in an order to find patterns and identify a conduct line that tells a story step by step.

It is a part of our job to show our clients that at many times less is more.

Thereafter, the process of designing the scenes commences along with summarizing and highlighting of the most relevant concepts. Olivares further explains “It is a part of our job to show our clients that less is more.”

The designs of EOVI’s solutions are unique and customized to fit the needs of the customers. The functionality and applicability of the offerings in addressing challenges that are related to visualization is one of the company’s key differentiating factors. “Our clients approach us owing to attribute of the services we provide and the ability to use online marketing strategies such as SEO and SEM to drive business success,” says Olivares. From the past two years, the firm is known as a dedicated contributor of visual solution, empowering both big and small companies with the support to manage data and information.

“We believe in investing in the creation of a coordinated work system between all our teams to provide the clients with appropriate solutions,” beams Olivares. EOVI’s innovation team manages different tools till they are rendered useful in serving customers as a formidable range of visualization solutions.

Moving ahead, EOVI is focused on realizing its core objective—to consolidate as a data visual company, aiming on strategic solutions and business intelligence. “We wish to forge ahead as a visualization company and multimedia content supplier for social networks and big communication channels by harnessing the true potential of talented professionals in this area,” concludes Olivares


Cantabria, Spain

Ernesto Olivares, CEO

Customizing infographics tool to provide the best visual solutions.