ERP Experts: Unleashing the Power of NetSuite

A decade and a lustrum have passed, but Ric Wilson still reminisces about his association with NetSuite as if it happened yesterday. As a business analyst, while trying to help a client get the complete transparency into their business processes, he stumbled upon NetSuite. Surprisingly, he could address the client’s need with ease using NetSuite, which was in its nascent stage. This experience affirmed his faith in NetSuite that lead to his partnership with the provider of the cloud-based ERP and inspired him to solve many more business challenges. Today, his venture ERP Experts caters to the European market as a professional services, support, and development partner of NetSuite. “We resolve myriad of challenges brought forth by our clientele with our expertise in NetSuite arena,” states Ric Wilson, CEO, ERP Experts.

The Stafford-based firm follows a unique approach to deliver NetSuite services. ERP Experts connects clients to cloud-native NetSuite solutions that are scalable, agile, and easy to use. The firm has over a decade of experience in ERP arena and successfully executed over 100 NetSuite implementations. It develops customized NetSuite solutions to address the business and operational requirements of the clients. ERP Experts signs the goals scored contract with the client before commencing service delivery. Through this, the company ensures to go an extra mile by building solutions that NetSuite does not offer as a part of its standard solution. For instance, if a client wants to customize the HR module, ERP Experts will undertake the task and do the enhancements. As a part of solution delivery, the firm leverages its access to NetSuite APIs for integrating NetSuite ERP with the client's existing suite of solutions.

ERP Experts unleash the power of NetSuite to solve the problems across different industries. The company enables the manufacturing giants to harness NetSuite products by eliminating the need to acquire new customized software. With ERP Experts’ help, manufacturers can optimize the assembly process and track end-to-end processes that included raw material procurement and production. ERP Experts help clients apply a gamut of NetSuite capabilities like house distribution service to their business processes to make them more efficient. Additionally, the company empowers the clients to overcome the challenges in order management through NetSuite and builds comprehensive marketing campaigns based on powerful CRM analytics.
In its journey, ERP Experts has collaborated with professional services firms and harnessed NetSuite’s end-to-end Service Resource Planning capabilities to automate key elements such as project accounting and invoice management.

We resolve myriad of challenges brought forth by our clientele with our expertise in NetSuite arena

ERP Experts has turned the corners for clients from numerous industries in achieving enhanced productivity. For instance, a large enterprise was struggling to optimize the complete potential of NetSuite solution due to the absence of a particular functionality. As a part of software engineering, ERP Experts built the functionality called Dynamic Recipe that helped the client manage complex manufacturing process and transform the business.

“We are exploring new markets within NetSuite landscape, and our endeavor is underpinned by NetSuite," adds Peter Lewis, Co-Founder and Technical Director, ERP Experts. To maximize the clients’ success, the company strives to provide ongoing support with its team of expert NetSuite ERP consultants. ERP Experts aims to increase its international footprint with operations in the U.S. and Australia in the upcoming three years and acquire brand recognition as ERP Experts in five years.

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Stafford, England

Ric Wilson, CEO and Peter Lewis, Co-Founder & Technical Director

ERP Experts is Europe’s premier NetSuite professional services, support, and development partners

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