ERP Guru: Reducing Risk and Optimizing Business through NetSuite

Recent technological innovations have triggered a unique transition across industries, resulting in the rapid adoption of cloud computing platforms. This shift has instigated a need for integrated software system within an enterprise’s IT structure for better collaboration and improved functionalities. Therefore, many companies turn to the adoption of NetSuite solutions, which support ERP, CRM, professional services automation (PSA) and eCommerce in a unified platform. One company, ERP Guru is helping businesses to effectively implement, leverage on and customize NetSuite solutions to reap the benefits of cloud.

Based in Manchester, NH, ERP Guru guides customers throughout the NetSuite implementation and allows easy integration with third party tools to derive the advantages of cloud.The company’s engineers and business analysts help clients make custom productivity enhancements to their existing NetSuite system. “Our consultants and software engineers serve wide range of industries and bring in their corporate process to the cloud for accelerated growth and efficient daily operations for businesses,” says Martin McNicoll, President, ERP Guru. “Since, most NetSuite customers need intensive support, ERP Guru renders on-demand, pay-as-you-use support as well as block-hour support packages.”

Additionally, the company also takes inventory of business processes and delivers a NetSuite action plan designed specifically for respective enterprises. Customers that conduct business online can customize templates to display items, sales order, and order confirmation emails. Furthermore, the solutions help integrate credit card processing and make the NetSuite webstore multilingual to its users.

Our consultants and software engineers serve wide range of industries, bringing their corporate process to the cloud for accelerated growth and efficient daily operations

The firm also delivers a Business Monitoring Suite which has two main components—Business Maturity Assessment and Business Monitoring Service. The suite is a complete solution for building real-time, interactive dashboards with alerts designed for monitoring business processes and
Martin McNicoll, President
activities. “We offer operational and strategic advice to clients through our efficient tools and methodologies,” says McNicoll.

The services of ERP Guru are not limited to NetSuite implementation and customization and also encompass, NetSuite Turnkey Business Solutions, a core offering that plays a predominant role in bringing a noticeable and positive impact on the customers’ business.“We understand clients’ organizational constrains therefore, we render solutions such as Health Check, Key Report, Connector Monitoring, and Optimize to curb their business complexities,” explains McNicoll. “From pro-active approach to account management and continuous improvement, we forge long-term relationships with our clients by consistently optimizing their business process,” says McNicoll.

Many organizations like Espace Garage Plus, HANS Device, MFS Supply, and Vinearius have chosen ERP Guru for their NetSuite solutions and services. In one instance, a well-known digital marketing agency reached out to ERP Guru to find a solution for the time consuming manual processes related to accounting and project management. The client also lacked a competent system to house all information pertaining to their customers. ERP Guru helped the data migration throughout the NetSuite implementation process to prevent loss of valuable historical information. The client’s information was housed into an easily accessible cloudbased platform, adjacently, simplifying the customers’ billing process to streamline tasks for the accounting department and project managers.

ERP Guru’s simple and unique process reduces risk and optimizes business process of their customers. Moving forward, the company plans to expand their cloud service offering with various strategic partnerships. “We have been in the cloud for ten years having been a premier NetSuite Partner and Solution Developer, there is no replacing experience,” asserts McNicoll. The firm believes in the mantra of continual growth and plans to identify new ways to improve their service offerings persistently to help enterprises make the best use of NetSuite solutions.

ERP Guru

Manchester, NH

Martin McNicoll, President

Implements and customizes NetSuite solutions to optimize business process