ERPLY: The Power To Manage Business Data With Effective Software

Kris hiiemaa, CEO
It is an undisputed fact that the business world is ever changing, a change which is in most cases, driven by the ever evolving technology. Most businesses are simply changing in order to keep up with the new trends in technology lest they will definitely find it difficult not only to consolidate but also to manage and secure their huge data. On the flipside, a company with well managed data will flourish for obvious reasons. ERPLY, founded in 2010, fully recognizes these facts which is why it ensures bringing software solutions meant for business data management.

ERPLY, a New York based company, is a maker of software for commercial retail inventory and ecommerce that handles data across physical shops, online stores and offices and provides real-time dashboards with relevant data. The firm develops a wide range of software that helps several businesses handle and manage their data without breaking a sweat. These applications are designed to be used in both e-commerce as well as in physical stores. ERPLY provides real-time POS and retail management system that manages all areas of retail organizations including point of sale, sales back office, inventory management, employee payroll, accounting, customer CRM and multichannel/e-commerce, in a single integrated system. A big percentage of the business population prefers ERPLY’s software because of the ability to provide immediate dashboards coupled with appropriate data in just one click. In other words, ERPLY builds complex ERP solutions which are very simple to learn and adapt.
In spite of the fact that most of its products have some common grounds in terms of development, they are also unique in nature and tailored to perfectly suit a client’s need or requirement. ERPLY develops software which easily integrates with many platforms that are also used in the business world today.

ERPLY’s CEO and Founder Kris Hiiemaa says, “We have a really flexible usage model so that every person in the company can use our software without worrying if it will be costly, or if they can afford an extra user.” Apart from the experienced directors, ERPLY also has more than 40 engineers who have assisted retailers in fixing their business issues with effective software solutions. The firm caters to organizations from various verticals like fashion apparel, kid products, footwear etc.

Competing with the technologies of the past like cash registers and traditional license based software, ERPLY utilizes the web-based POS space, where it differentiates itself with its variety of exclusive features. ERPLY’s cloud-based system remains fully functional even when the internet goes down—enabling retailers to enjoy all the benefits of the cloud while eliminating the only potential drawback of a web-based system. This is merely one of the many reasons why the security of ERPLY’s products will never be compromised. Its services are encrypted with security protocols, keycard protocols and 24/7 surveillance. ERPLY has helped many businesses become top in this otherwise very competitive business world and the company believes that it can achieve much more than that in the coming years.


New York

Kris hiiemaa, CEO

ERPLY is a maker of software for commercial retail inventory and ecommerce that handles data across physical shops, online stores and offices and provides real-time dashboards.