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Adam Famularo, CEO
Modern day enterprises need to extract and leverage data in various formats from enormously broad sources, which is similar to selecting out a specific grain from the sands in a desert. Storing the large volume of data is also essential in order to gain access when required—from any location. The Tampa, FL, based erwin provides enterprises a collaborative data modeling platform to model, govern, and monitor their most valuable data across industries including government, retail, healthcare, finance, and more. “We provide our solutions and services to a variety of global enterprises offering them a robust foundation for their most mission-critical data management initiatives,” says Adam Famularo, CEO, erwin.

The company helps organizations to deliver productive results through efficient data governance, control, flexibility and customization of data modeling along with web-based publication and reporting. The firm enables enterprises to leverage a customizable, web interface that allows users across the organization to easily but securely visualize their most important data. This provides a single view of all data sources, based on a common repository of standard data assets. “No matter what type of data a business uses– structured or unstructured, where the data is stored—in-house relational databases or a public or private cloud, erwin ensures that the insights and results from enterprise data projects are reliable and achievable,” explains Famularo. “We like to call this idea ANY2: any data, any location.”

erwin’s Safyr Option helps enterprises to better extract metadata from a variety of ERP applications like SAP R/3, SAP BW, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, Oracle Siebel, and Oracle eBusiness Suite. “The erwin Safyr Option and our Data Modeler enable metadata from enterprise applications to be transformed and shared across the entire organization’s information management landscape,” adds the CEO.
This would benefit organizations with a centralized system of managing metadata assets helping them achieve improved application integration, enhanced quality, increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

erwin provides a single view of all data sources, based on a common repository of standard data assets

The company’s rich heritage as the gold standard in data modeling and a powerful vision to manage any data anywhere has brought in many customers seeking valued partnership in the database management landscape. erwin has numerous customer success stories under their hat. In one instance, a leading consumer products company and a household brand approached the firm to create a common naming convention and model across their enterprises, enabling seamless access to their data to facilitate consistent and reliable utilization. The company needed to model their core databases in a way to support global applications across multiple database platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 LUW. Deploying erwin, all the challenges were met resulting in productivity and increased ROI.

erwin has been successfully helping its customers unlock the value of data in their enterprise through the years. Moving forward, the firm plans to invest more towards delivering faster innovation and new offerings. The company is working toward providing its clients with improved and more efficient cloud services and data utilization along with additional extensions of the erwin platform. “As an open, standards-based extensible platform, we’ll partner with leading players to augment our vision and deliver comprehensive data management solutions to our enterprise customers as they enter the Big Data phase of their technology lifecycle,” concludes Famularo.

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erwin Acquires Metadata Management and Data Governance Provider AnalytiX DS

MELVILLE, N.Y.: erwin, Inc., the data governance company, today announced its acquisition of metadata management and data governance provider AnalytiX DS(ADS), enhancing the company's EDGE Data Governance Platformwith the broadest set of metadata connectors and automated code generation, data mapping and cataloging tools. This strategic move makes erwin one of the industry's only software providers to own every critical piece of the data management and data governance lifecycle, designed to enable every stakeholder – from data scientists, enterprise architects and business analysts to the C-suite – to accelerate the transformation of data into accurate and actionable business insights.

"We continue to disrupt the data governance market with new thinking and real innovation, driven by what our customers need most – connectivity to a wide array of data sources and automated data mapping and data lineage for more effective and efficient data preparation, modeling and governance," explains erwin CEO Adam Famularo. "Given our history and expertise with a significant global user base, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations transform their data management and governance initiatives with an automated, high-quality data pipeline for faster time-to-value than any competitor in our market."

Analyst firm Forrester agrees that organizations must speed up their time to data-driven insights in all areas to be competitive. They indicate that doing this "requires cutting overhead and inefficiencies from traditional data management timelines and, most important, driving insights to actions that have significant business impact." ¹

Large enterprises use thousands of unharvested, undocumented databases, applications, ETL processes and procedural code that make it difficult to gather business intelligence, conduct IT audits and ensure regulatory compliance. Cataloging and documenting operational systems, processes and the associated data at rest and in motion has been a time-consuming, manual effort that introduces errors and data quality issues without providing the necessary real-time intelligence.

"Organizations need to know what data they have and where it's located, plus understand what it means in common, standardized terms so it can be transformed into useful information they can act on – all while controlling its access," says Famularo. "Unlike any other player in today's data governance market, the combination of erwin and ADS delivers a single, integrated solution that simplifies the total enterprise data management and governance lifecycle, including facilitating collaboration between both IT and business users."

The ADS acquisition enhances the persona-based erwin EDGE data governance platform with the following new features:

• Automated metadata harvesting and cataloging from more than 80data sources, including Big Data, BI reports, modeling tools, relational data and data from many other types of business and IT systems.

• Intelligent data discovery, including automated tagging and governance of sensitive data (e.g., GDPR and HIPAA)

• Mapping of source-to-target systems to show lineage and transformation of data across the enterprise

• Automatic integration and visualization of mappings between data models

• Auto documentation and reverse-engineering of existing ETL processes and code

• Automated code generation for data integration and data movement initiatives

• Impact analysis to show links from physical assets to business representations

• Lifecycle management capabilities, including requirements management, testing, release management and version control for enterprise usage and tracking

• Automated linkage and synchronization with core data governance capabilities

"erwin and ADS are focused on helping organizations answer the tough questions of "what data and where," so they can make better strategic decisions," concludes Famularo. "The combined company will help customers create comprehensive and collaborative data governance experiences with the automation needed to sustain these initiatives with greater agility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness."

erwin Releases New Version of Automated Enterprise Data Mapping Solution

According to a new press release, “erwin, Inc., the data governance company, today announced the release of erwin Mapping Manager (MM) 9.0. It is the first version of the automated, metadata-driven enterprise data mapping solution released by erwin as part of its EDGE platform, following the company’s acquisition last August of AnalytiX DS, the software’s original patent owner. With the broadest set of metadata connectors and automated code generation, data mapping and cataloging tools, erwin MM combines data management and data governance processes in an automated flow, giving organizations visibility and control over their disparate data streams – from harvesting to aggregation and integration, including transformation with complete upstream and downstream lineage. Its hallmark is a standardized, efficient and cost-effective approach to data delivery (business glossaries connect physical metadata to specific business terms) and metadata management (via data mappings).”

The release continues, “Data professionals spend 80 percent of their time looking for and preparing data and only 20 percent of their time on analysis, according to a recent IDC Technology Spotlight sponsored by erwin. As Stewart Bond, IDC’s research director for data integration and integrity software, writes in Data Intelligence in Context: Enabling Data Governance for Digital Transformation, ‘Data intelligence software has the potential to change this ratio, giving users the ability to find data easier and understand context and definitions for better integration, resulting in more time for analysis’.”

erwin, Inc

Melville, NY

Adam Famularo, CEO

erwin provides comprehensive data management and governance solutions to automate and accelerate the transformation of data into accurate and actionable insights